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    178cms 65kgs currently 10 A after breastfeeding 2 kids. Wanting the end result to be a DD

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  1. I was able to do things around the house by the third day as long as it didn't include lifting or raising my arms. I thought the recovery would be much worse
  2. Go bigger I wish I hadn't of listened to friends that scared me off. I went a 400cc round implant under the muscle and honestly people wouldn't even notice I've had my boobs done. It's great that I'm no longer flat chested when naked but they look a very similar size to what they did when I wore a water/push up bra.
  3. I would have gone bigger too! I got totally scared off by other people's opinions. 400cc implants on a 178cm frame are not big at all, in hindsight I would have gone a 500cc implant. I'm also glad I didn't buy any button at the front tops. I couldn't find any that weren't office women tops so I didn't get any and have found a larger stretchy singlet worked fine the first few days
  4. I'm now one week post op and am feeling pretty good apart from the sore back too. I'm starting to be able to dress myself properly and do most normal things apart from picking up heavy things. As everyday goes by I just so wish I went bigger. I went with the 400cc implant as all my friends and family told me going any bigger was a bad idea. I'm very happy to not be completely flat chested anymore but I really wanted my new boobs to be noticeable but I could totally get away without people ever questioning if they are fake ? I won't be spending another 14k ever again on them so bit sad I didn't go bigger when I could have. Anyone else feel like this?
  5. Yours look great @rock#3 and I don't think small at all. Already by day 3/4 I think mine look bigger hooray and less weird shaped looking. Apart from back pain from sleeping upright I've felt the recovery to be much better than I expected. That first day I was so out of it there's no way I could have gone home so I was happy my ps keeps you in overnight. Strangest part for me is that my surgeon has you wear no bra at all which means my nipples are out 24/7 lol. Good luck for tomorrow @sabP
  6. They look so good @Ariaelenagrace congrats!!
  7. My back is hurting more than my boobs are from sleeping on so many pillows. Does anyone know how long we have to do it for??
  8. Oh no hopefully not too much longer of a wait. Waiting is the worst part and I only waited until 11:30. Good luck @rock#3
  9. So it's all done. I ended up going with the 400cc.I will write a proper review of how it went but I'm feeling really drowsy from the GA still and I got back to the room at 1:30 ? Not too much pain just uncomfortable laying on my back elevated. Good luck to everyone else ? Lol sorry I had no idea how you guys add the nice flowers and whatnot covering your nipples
  10. Thank you. I'm starting to feel really nervous and still haven't decided whether or not I'm going for the 400cc round implant (under) or the 450cc. I will decide tomorrow but think I will probably play it safe and pick the 400. So weird I went yesterday to do washing and threw my bras in and then thought "hey I don't even need to wash these come Monday afternoon they won't fit!" As much as I'm nervous I can't believe I will actually have boobs tomorrow ? I've also caught a cold from my kids ? but the hospital called me yesterday and I told them and they said it's fine as long as I don't have a temperature or bad coughing. I will update when I can ??
  11. Thank you @sabP He didn't have sizers to try on instead we looked at the vectra photos. I would have much preferred the sizers to be honest. I wasn't told my BWD either so not too sure. He said I could carry a much bigger implant because I'm quite broad shouldered but yes I guess there isn't much difference. Maybe I'll have a look at making rice sizers
  12. So I just had my final appointment and I'm so confused about size too. My ps is recommending 400cc round implants if I wanted to end up a dd cup but also said I could go a 450cc implant but that would take me to an e cup probably. An e cup sounds so big and not something I really thought I wanted but I'm scared 400cc's might be too small on my 178cm 65kg frame.
  13. Hi there. I'm booked in for December 4th with Dr Ashton. Starting to freak out as it's less than a month away. I'm currently a very deflated A cup after breastfeeding 2 children. I have one more consult to discuss size. I would like the end result to be about a D-DD cup. He suggested round 500cc implants but I'm a bit worried that may be too big as I read another lady with similar stats got 500cc and ended up with an F cup which I don't want. My stats are 178cms tall and 65kgs
  14. I'm going with mark too and kinda wish he did get us to wear post op bras. My surgery is in December so freaking out about having my nipples out all over summer ?? I feel like in winter you can hide in jumpers. Did he get you to try on sizers to compare sizes? I am so unsure about size.
  15. Hi, I've just booked in for the 4th of December. I'm 178cms/65kgs and am currently an A possibly a small B cup. My surgeon has recommend round 500cc implants under the muscle to get me to a D-DD. I'm going in for another consult though to discuss size though. I wasn't nervous before but now I've booked in I'm freaking out. I think I'm most nervous about the recovery as I have 2 kids aged 8 months and 2 1/2 years old.
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