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    Breast augmentation, periaeorola lift and liposuction to upper and lower abdomen, flanks and outter thighs.
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    Dr Edmund Ek 28/09/2017
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    Right C, left D

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  1. I'll send you a PM @Amy1989 😊 everything went so well!
  2. I'm absolutely loving all of these suggestions! I can only add 2 things that aren't listed, neither are really a necessity but I figured I'd pop them here anyway. Take lots of before photos in different outfits and from different angles so you can compare the difference later on. Also I'm going to be taking a nice comfy dressing gown to the hospital with me.
  3. Everyone's results are amazing! My surgery is 3 days away, I can't wait to post mine!
  4. Are you on Instagram? If so I think I may be following you haha! We've only got 3 days to go now, I'm so excited and yet again I can't sleep 😂😂 Wishing you all the best for your revision surgery @MrsGTO xx
  5. @candice_bree Hey! How did you go with your surgery? I have 3 days to go and am that excited that I can't sleep lol!
  6. Following @Amy1989 I'm also booked in with Dr. Ek! Have you had your surgery yet? Mine is 16 days away. X
  7. Hi everyone! I'm booked in with Dr. Edmund Ek on the 28th/9 (only 16 days to go, wooo ) to get lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, outer thighs and flanks, teardrop 325-350cc textured implants and an areola lift. I'm 23 with no kids and approx 80kg. Boob wise leftie is a C and rightie is a D/DD. Does anyone have the same surgery date as me? Or is anyone booked with Dr. Ek? If so I would love to read about your experience and/or see before and after pics! It's close to 1.30am and yet again I've spent hours on my phone googling pictures and stories.. I think that I've been running off 6hrs sleep per night for the past few weeks, it may not seem that bad but I don't cope well without at least 8 hours sleep lol I'd also love to hear from any ladies who have had surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts? And for anyone that has had these procedures done all at once, how was your recovery? I work an office job from home, so I'm lucky in that aspect, but I'm worried about being too doped up on painkillers to properly speak with my clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to chatting with you lovely ladies!
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