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  1. Wanting feed back on vijith vijayasekaran his work and reviews look amazing
  2. @mumof2girls will do, I booked appointment today and paperwork coming in the mail. @BunnyHop I see you have had this surgery with Dr Connell. Do you have any before or after photos or anything to share?
  3. Thanks @Mumof2girls that's exactly what I was thinking. ?
  4. Yeah all his reviews are amazing. He must be so popular.
  5. Does Tony Connell not have a web page? Looking at viewing some of his work before booking an appointment.
  6. Can any one direct me to where and if Dr Tony Connell has a web page? I can only find forums, review and yellow pages from my search.
  7. I agree, although it over a year since this post I have struggled to find Perth surgeons before and after photos.
  8. Yeah cool. I am leaning towards one of the 3 you have recommended since Friday thank you.
  9. No no consult as yet. I'm just still trying to narrow down who to see. Did you meet with dr Ong?
  10. @Wanting boobs Did you find you had much of a wait on getting appointment and also when your surgery was booked?
  11. Thanks @Wanting boobs I actually recently read a post that you created or are in and made me look at Dr Sam Cunneen. It truly is confusing. Thank you.
  12. So confused, so many specialist. Wanting a BL and BA Perth and Bunbury area interested in outcomes of others who have had both done.
  13. Looking forward to hearing how you go. Not long now!
  14. Did you find it to be a long wait for the op? Also was you quote the same as advertised on the web page?
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