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    raeoakes got a reaction from Mumof2girls in BL and BA Tony Connell   
    @mumof2girls will do, I booked appointment today and paperwork coming in the mail. 
    @BunnyHop I see you have had this surgery with Dr Connell. Do you have any before or after photos or anything to share? 
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    raeoakes reacted to Mumof2girls in BL and BA Tony Connell   
    He doesn’t need have one. He doesn’t really need one to be honest, he’s very highly regarded in the industry. 
    Best bet is to make an appointment - sooner rather than later as his wait list is quite long especially coming into Christmas. 
    Good luck. 
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    raeoakes reacted to elhartley88 in PERTH Breast lift plus implants Surgeon Recommendations   
    Thanks ladies! Sorry for the late reply I didn't recieve a notification that I had replies on my topic.
    Unfortunately travel over seas is not an option for me, wanting to keep the time off work down and be in my own bed.
    After adding all of the costs with Sculpt it works out to just over $15k, and I am not applicable for any rebates as far as I know.
    I will check out his info thanks BunnyHop.
    Thank you for the feed back on the scars thanks ladies, this puts me alot more at ease about the procedure.
    I am finding it hard getting enough photos from Perth surgeons to make a decision as to who to go to...they all save their photos for the first consultations, and them usually being approx $200, it could be a costly elimination process!
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    raeoakes reacted to MyNewBoobs in PERTH Breast lift plus implants Surgeon Recommendations   
    Hi elhartley88
    I had a consult with Dr Christopher Allen at St John of God, and I was quoted just under $18,000 for a breast lift + implants. 
    Unfortunately that was a lot more than I expected so I went to PPSI in Phuket and had a breast lift + implants with Dr Boonchai. I was out of pocket $10,000, but this included flights and accommodation. 
    I know travelling overseas for elective surgery isn't for everyone, but it's definitely worth considering if money is a factor. 
    I have also heard a lot of good feedback about Dr Mark Lee who is a plastic surgeon based in Perth. 
    I was completely terrified of the scars and I thought they would look terrible, but I'm nearly 6 months PO I can barely see them. It took a few months to regain feeling in my nipples, and they are quite sensitive, but I was told it would improve over time. Recovery was amazing and I was sleeping on my tummy within 3 months. 
    I was a super saggy 14D to start with, and now I'm a full and perky 14E.
    I had 325L and 350R over the muscle implant.
    I hope the above information helps. 
    Best of luck. 
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    raeoakes got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in Recommendations for a BL and BA in Perth Bunbury regions   
    Yeah cool. I am leaning towards one of the 3 you have recommended since Friday thank you. 
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