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  1. Yes, that's the one I got. So basically what happened was when I got there I took some photos of my face. The surgeon (Dr. Myungjune Oh) looked at them and said I needed a forehead augmentation if I wanted the look I told him. He showed me my face on a computer and compared it to some other people who received a forehead implant and explained the procedure. At first I didn't want any type of prosthesis inserted so I thought a nose job or fat graft would fix the flat look of face but after looking at the flatness of my forehead I decided it would be the better thing to get work done on. They used silicon for the implant. After surgery, they put dressing on my forehead while using icepacks to stop the swelling. I could't put too much pressure on the forehead or hit it for about 2-3 months. But after that it was fine.
  2. You can make it on this page on their website. You will see your inquiry in the list and once they reply you it will show up as replied to. I suggest you include photos as well from the front and side for an accurate assessment.
  3. You should make an inquiry at the place I got mine done. It's free and you could use that to make your decisiom while getting it done in HK?
  4. I got a forehead augmentation and also a fat graft. Originally, I was inquiring about nose filler and getting some work done about my flat looking face. I sent my photos to regen, the place I got it at and told them what I wanted they recommended a few procedures and gave me a quote. I flew in and got consultation and after I explained in person what I wanted, they recommended I get a forehead implant instead of the rhinoplasty. They showed me what it would look like after and it looked like what I wanted. I also suggest you get a consultation first, maybe you would look better with an implant as well instead if your noise?
  5. Guy here. I didn't fix the bridge of my nose but did have a similar assue you had. My nose is a bit on a large side but I wanted my forehead to stick out a bit more because my eyebrow bone stuck our a bit but my forehead was flat so it looked really uneven from the side. I live in Australia but I actually went to South Kore to get my surgery (recommended by friend)
  6. I don't actually know anything about clinics in Thailand, but I underwent a forehead augmentation at Regen, Korea and quite satisfied with results.
  7. it's a very bad idea to economise on your beauty. I think she did it in a low-level clinic. If you are sure in the reputation of your clinic, don't worry. I've seen billions of "unhappy-endings", in most cases people decided to do a plastic surgeries at cheap clinics, but paid twice because of that mistake. I've also made one operation and I'm 100% satisfied now. So, don't worry if your clinic is prestigious enough, the brand name for them is very important and they wouldn't risk years of experience with one simple lips fillers surgery.
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