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  1. @elleg I regularly go to the gym and I've dropped fast so I'm not sure that helps lol I can only put it down to the fact I've breastfed 3 kids and went to to a D cup during those times I had fairly well stretches out skin !! Surgeon said my muscles were really tight but I've dropped and fluffed fast !! Yours are looking amazing and when looking at your photos where you can see your whole torso they definitely aren't too low !! You do have a very long torso don't you !! Im the opposite - short torso and very long legs. So I think when I post pics just down to my waist the boobs look too low but when I look in a full length mirror they are actually sitting ok.. If that makes sense. Had to share this with you ladies, first time I've tried on my bathers since the op, I don't think my size 10 top is going to cut it anymore ? I wish I took a before pic in this as it would gape open with nothing to fill it. Really was a moment of wow look what I have now !!
  2. Hi ladies wow @elleg and @Amanda0630 boobies are looking so good already !! @elleg mine dropped quick too and I have the same fear - and I got rounds ? I'm looking forward to asking the question at my 6 week check. My surgeon did say if I look like I need some skin removed from my lower pole later on he will take me in as a revision and it'll all be covered on my private health. As I was so deflated I had quite a bit of skin to fill and he said the size I chose filled out the skin nicely but who knows what it will look like overtime !! @Wanting boobs I'm doing a very similar workout, I do 20 mins on the bike first then into legs then finish with abs. Feeling more and more comfortable with the excercise now. nothing exciting to report here, not much change, right still higher and tighter than left but softening. I'm surprised how soft and natural feeling they are !! My partner was away for 2 weeks just got back and safe to say he's pretty stoked with how they feel and look haha ! I'm still not ecstatic about them but I'm trying not to scrutinise now and hope they even up over time. I'm really happy with the difference it's made to my confidence in clothes, although I wish I went bigger, I hope when j can wear nice bras I'll feel happier about my size ? Boob greed is real !!
  3. I reckon i could comfortably wear a non underwire bra now, I'd do it for your event ! Cant wait to be rid of these post op bras !!
  4. Oh Hun the constipation was so bad for me, day 4 I still couldn't go I had to go get the enemas from pharmacy and had to use them for 3 days until I could go myself !!!
  5. Simple white tees look so much better with boobs ?? @elleg @Amanda0630 hang in there ladies, your at the most painful time now, take your pain killers consistently for the next few days !! And reeeeest xxx
  6. Yep day 2 thru to day 5 was prob the worst pain wise for me !! The swelling feeling was intense ! Just rest as much as you can. After that I got off the endone and just took nurofen plus at night and Panadol during the day.
  7. Looking great Hun ! What size did you end up going ?? @Wanting boobs your scars are healing so well ! I have tape on still that I need to change myself weekly, at my 6 week checkup is when I'll go without tape and be able to start putting on bio oil or similar.
  8. Yep pump, HIIT and spin are my usual classes, I'll be happy when I can get back into them but I feel like that's a long way off !!
  9. Thank you !! I've only been back 3 times in total, feel a bit lost at the gym because i really prefer the classes and I can't do them yet. I went back the first time at 8 days post op though. I just do the bike, walking on treadmill at incline and leg machine weights. I've put on weight, my jeans are tight ? But I expected that and not being too hard on myself. It's the season of eating coming up though so I'm going to try to get back to the gym regularly now haha !!
  10. Ahhh elleg so excited for you !!! I had to be at admissions at 6am, around 8.30 I was getting wheeled down to the holding pen lol not sure how long I waited as I had no phone no nothing was just in my gown on the bed laying next to all the other people waiting to have surgery, was so weird ! and was back in my room at 12.30, where my partner and mum were waiting for me and I left hospital at 1.30 as I was feeling fine. my procedure took a little longer than normal he said though, took him ages to perfect the pockets apparently. I had no sore throat, but was in pretty bad pain when I woke up in recovery until they gave me pain killers thru the IV then I was fine just so groggy ? 545s will be big boobies but not as gigantic as your thinking !!! I'm sure you and your surgeon have made a good choice for you. Enjoy !!!! Farout nipple sensitivity is high right now, maybe because I'm ovulating the hormones are in the mix ? I'm thinking of buying those breastfeeding pads for comfort lol Anyway first time I've tried on any other bra than my post ops, this is just a bralette so no underwire or support. Pretty happy with my girls ?
  11. Yes my recovery has been like that - had to remind myself to take it easy, however Ive been on my own with my 3 kids since 7dpo so back to normal anyway - no one else here to help !! I'm refusing to vacuum the pool though it's way too heavy and awkward ? Take it easy moving house, That's such an epic job I don't envy you !! @Delafox I still have slight bruising in between my boobs it's fading now and yellow, but I definitely had bruising come up on various spots and it's gone thru all the shades of the rainbow haha, totally normal. Had my 2 week check with the nurse today, still uneven boobs rights higher and tighter but it has dropped a little since last week so we are confident in time they will even up ! tapes been changed and my incisions are looking great. Don't go back now until 20th dec that will be my 6 week check and then I can go without tape and go shopping for bras !! I'm well over these post op bras now ? My nipples are on constant high alert I have to double up the bras to try to conceal them ! But I falling in love with my new assets ❤️
  12. Yay glad your alive and well and in recovery mode, I've got 450s so you've got more than me ??
  13. Thanks ladies ❤️ @Wanting boobs i went with 450 HP rounds, glad I didn't go any smaller !! I think once I 'fluff' I'll be really happy with the size. Not too big not too small.
  14. @Delafox - I had to fast from the night before - no food or water from 10pm. Good luck !!!! 1 week progress pics ladies : starting to get used to the look of myself in the mirror...I badly need a new wardrobe now though, to compliment the boobs !
  15. Hi Airy - Yeah I'm pretty bloated but also I know I've eaten lots of crap the last week and no excercise so a combination effect !! I went back to the gym yesterday and did 40 minutes on the bike and felt better, back to healthy eating today as well. @Wanting boobs generally I would of got 8-10 for my size but I got 10-12 and it's a good fit for me right now, band isn't digging in and it's not too tight on my boobs, anything smaller would of annoyed me. Had my 1 week checkup today, incision site looking good healing nicely, right boob still high and tight, he did mention I had less loose skin under my boob on that one so possibly it'll take longer to drop but I just have to give it time and wear a strap over the top for as much time as I can. I'm cleared to get back to the gym for cardio and isolated lower body weights just no peck muscle movements at all until after my 6 week check. Obviously I just need to guage how I'm feeling and not overdo it. Won't be doing my beloved HIIT classes anytime soon ? I go back again in a week for another dressing change and checkup then I think the next one will be at 6 weeks.
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