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  1. 6 weeks post op today! Goodbye compression bra! Has been an adventure so far, but a good one! Very happy with my boobs so far! Just wanted to give a big thumbs up A+ recommendation for Dr Ian Chinsee ( the boobie god), of Esteem cosmetics studio, Brisbane. Awesome experience from consultation day til now. He has a good eye for detail, and is a great surgeon. Along with his great surgical team and office team, I Highly recommend Esteem!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Definitely finding it a day by day journey. And can tell really quickly if I have over done It! I spend the next day with super tight chest and boobs! The nerve pain seems to come and go. Seems settled atm, hoping it stays that way! 6 week check today and I'm out of my compression bra! Yay!!
  3. This post is 2 yrs old. Wondering how you all turned out as i am 6 wk post op now and just going through all this! Thanks
  4. Yes, dual plane. Thank you, that makes me feel alot better!
  5. Hi there. Had my augmentation surgery yesterday. All went great. But I am a little concerned with the size I am seeing this morning. I was a A cup before surgery, with quite a wide rib measurement. I went with a mentor 500 cc high profile implant, hoping to achieve a full c to a d. But looking at them this morning I am concerned that I might have only gone up to a B cup. Would this be because of the compression bra in place? Will the size and shape change alot once they drop? Because if this is my new boobs in a swollen state, I'm concerned that I might have gone too small. Any comments or advice much appreciated.
  6. I am having breast implant surgery in 2 weeks and have been super excited about it..... until today , when a friend sent me articles on BII. I thought I had read and researched as much as I could before booking my procedure, but i never came across this. Any information, opinions and comments appreciated on this topic. This has totally rained on my surgery excitement parade!!
  7. Am looking at booking with Dr Chinsee within next few weeks. Was everyone on this post happy with the results of your surgery with him??
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