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  1. I've been contemplating having a BA for a few years now, especially after losing weight and seeing my breasts slightly sag. I don't think I need a full lift since I had small boobs to begin with, I only want to move my nipples upwards and a bit over, and then adding implants to round out the shape and give me fullness. Has anyone else had a procedure like this where it's just a nipple lift and implants, not a full lift, and in Australia. I live in Melbourne but wouldn't mind traveling too much if it means the best results and prices that aren't outrageous.
  2. Do you mind letting us know which surgeon you went to? I’ve been looking for a good one who can work specifically with tuberous breasts xx
  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this as well. It’s awful for anyone to hate the body they’re in. Its hard trying to find a lot of information and also good before and after picture of breast augmentations with women who have tuberous breasts to ensure that I get a good result from which ever surgeon I chose
  4. I've struggled for years about the shape of my boobs. They are a floppy triangle shape that curve around the outside and my nipples are far too low and basically face each other. I had always put it down to simply being a late grower or because I lost 30kg (even though they still were misshapen and underdeveloped before I lost weight) but through research I've come to the conclusion that they are tuberous. I'm only 19 and this deformity is causing so much emotional distress and self acceptance/conscious issues that I keep finding myself depressed with how my body looks. I wanted to know
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