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  1. Breast lift without BA

    Looking for advice on best doctor in Bangkok for BL without BA. I am a D cup with quite a lot of sagging due to BF and some weight loss. happy to reduce cup size just don't want implants. how much time would I need? and what cost would I be looking at - approx? wonsering how much cheaper Thailand is than Australia
  2. Looking for recommendations on how to go about researching whether this would be the best option for me. what city in Thailand have others had great experience in? what hospital and what doctor for a BL without Aug Can I expect to find doctors who will perform this surgery without pushing an AUG onto me.? what price approximately can I expect to pay how long do I need to be away (am single with five year old) Tell me anout the scarring after BL....how bad is it and how long to fade? is it worth the lift? I.e. Does the payoff of the lift make up for the scarring?