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  1. Runningheels. I sent you a private message
  2. Hi told them I was not happy about hospital change and they said I could probably go back to booking at other hospital. So if you are worried about it, tell them. I was put off because the nurses dont speak english. I was also getting advice from Dr Pornthep and have decided to go with him.
  3. Hi, I am booked to have breast and facial surgery with Dr Boonchai for early July and have just been notified that the surgery will be at Kasemrad Hospital, instead of Phyathia 2. This does worry me a little as I have really no information about the hospital and can not seem to find many other surgeons who work from there. Can anyone give me some information or experiences of the hospital? I did read somewhere in an old post on a forum that the nurses don't speak english. Anyone else booked with Dr Boonchai having same changes of hospital?
  4. Hi, I am also booked in with Dr Boonchai for breast lift, BA and mid face lift. Going bit earlier than you, in July. What hospital are you going to be in? Can you tell me why you choose this surgeon? I did lots of research and he seemed to have some great results.
  5. Hi Tracey, Thanks for the info. You are right about Dr Boonchai, he does not do all the surgeries in one go, I was wrong about that. I'm still leaning toward Dr Pornthep though. I am unsure about what breast operation to have but have a few options. I'm fairly big in boobs and after 3 kids, very saggy. Wanting lifted for sure, and not saggy but also not any bigger than my already DD size. Dr Pornthep thinks I should have breast reduction, with Augmentation. He thinks having lift and augmentation would make me bigger than I already am. Dr Boonchai just recommended the lift and with augmenation. I have done lots of research on this and most say that if you already fairly big just having the lift will work well, its like getting a good supporting bra. Also I want to avoid having to go back in 10 or 15 years with revision work if the implants need something done with them. I just want the surgery then forget about it. Anyone have any advice about which operation they have had and the results please?
  6. Hi Kimmiec, Sorry havent checked this forum for a while. Yes I''m going alone to have the surgery done. We will be over there on family holiday but I'm staying behind for this. I don't think any of the Cosmetic tour companies use Dr Boonchai anymore, but I'm not 100% sure. After looking at the reviews and pricing I am now leaning toward Dr Pornthep. Boonchai did end up being very similiar in prices but only wanted to keep me 1 night stay in hospital, and Pornthep 3-4 nights after each operation. I have booked in with both so can decide when time gets closed. 9th July is my date. Let me know what you decide. Happy to communicate and support each other if you decide to go at same time. I haven't looked into hotels nearby hospital or anything yet. Have you had friends or anything go with Dr Boonchai or are you just going off reviews etc? I'm keen to hear any opinions from others.
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum but I am researching about getting lower face lift, neck life, breast lift with aug, and eyes done as well. I have sent off photos to both Dr Pornthap and Dr Boonchai in Thailand and received quotes back from both. I was bit surprised that Dr Boonchai was almost $4000.00 less. However he would do the procedures in one sitting, but Dr Pornthap wants to do it over 2 surgeries and keep me in hospital for 3 or 4 nights, so maybe thats where some of the difference is. I am fairly keen to get it over with in one surgery time, and I like Dr Boonchais reviews too, so will most likely go with him. He is now working out of Phythai 2 I believe. Im booking for early July 2018. Would love to hear from anyone else planning a surgery with him or Dr P for next year or anyone have any advice or personal experience with them, or the hospital Ive mentioned. Cheers
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