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  1. Who was that with? Do you like your results? i have also contacted craig rubinstein, mark ashton and one other whose name escapes me. Their estimates were all $20,000+
  2. Hi. Can you let us know how much his estimate is please
  3. So a breast lift and augmentation is reasonable to pay $20,000? That figure didn't include abdominoplasty just boobs.
  4. Hi there. I'm 22F. I was raised in a household where from a young age I was just fed junk food. I was a fat child and ended up obese. I left home and started losing weight. I have lost between 30 and 40kg. Naïvely I thought losing weight would fix my problems. Needless to say my body is very unattractive and restricts me in how I dress and where I can go. I need ba, bl and abdominoplasty. I am more concerned about having nice normal breasts though. My issue here is I cannot find a surgeon who can do natural looking breast aug + lift for under $20,000. Dr Tavakoli's people estimated me at over $30,000. I won't be able to afford that much on breasts. My breasts are saggy, flat and asymmetrical (one C one D?) My boyfriend is pushing me into going to Thailand but my surgery would be risky and we can't just fly out every time I need to go to a revision appt... Any city in Australia will do as long as the criteria meets what I've written above. I'm 22 and have such a horrible body... I just want to wear dresses, go to the beach and look good for my partner
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