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  1. @oncewasasurfboard arghhh nerves are kicking.in!! Ive gone with 350s???mod plus, rounds, dual plane. I need to.stop.looking now as i dont think its helping!!! Good luck.for Monday ??
  2. @oncewasasurfboard im booked in for the 30th too!!! I have to go back and see the surgeon on monday though. My paperwork arrived tofay and it says high profile on there ? his assistant told me last week that the paperwork said moderate so im not happy! We never even talked about profiles so i really need to clarify this asap. Maybe its a surgical issue as my boobs are super deflated after 4 kids so may be its to fill out existing skin biy i dont want that super rounded 'bolt on' look!!!
  3. @Honeycakes yes thats my issue. I can explain to miss 4 but shes a blabber mo uth and i really wanted to keep this private!!!
  4. Hi here Just noticed youre thinking about simi lar sizes to me. Can i ask your stats please? 1m 170cm 59 kg and deciding between 300s or 325s, smooth rounds dual plane mod profile. My surgery is a week after yours ?
  5. @oncewasasurfboard im looking forward to seei ng how you go. Im trying to decide between 300 and 325's 170cm tall 59 kg. Im wanting natural too as i run alot so still need to be able to do that ?whens your surgery?
  6. Hi Ladies Looking for anyone having surgery Oct or November? Any ladies with similar stats- 170cm 59kg deflated B cup. Trying to decide between 300 or 325's . I know theres not much difference really but because I run alot im thinking 300's. But will that give me a decent bust? I dont want huge id just love to fill a decent c or d cup ? Worried 325 might start to get too big when running/exercising. Anyone with similar stats willing to show me before and after.pic PLEASE ???I have to decide pretty soon! Pic attached of my sad pre surgery boobies. Done their job feeding 4 bubbas...my turn now ?
  7. Hi ladies Just wondering how you ladies with toddlers have explained things to the kids? I have a 2 and 4 year old and im abit concerned about the explaination i give my 4 year old daughter. I guess i wanted to avoid the whole mums getting bigger boobs.and.why talk!!! Shes extremely.bright so she will notice something as clearly.ill be out if action for a.while. I was going to.make.up.some other kind.of surgery that id had as shes WAY too young.(in my opinion) to start becoming aware of women and concerns.about body image etc. Im 45 and have 2 much older kids. I wanted to.do.this.surgery.for a long time but again didnt want to.influence my older daughters perception of body image etc. Now i have had more kids ive realised if i wait any longer itll never happen!!!! So im booked in for surgery in 2 weeks. Time to start helping my toddlers understand mummy will need a quiet week??
  8. Thanks for your reply ?im just not sure why sam pushed the TD so much. I guess im.abit worried incase theres a certain technique to fitting the rounds that hes not as confident with ???its such a hard choice!
  9. Anyone PLEASE have any before and after pics by Mark Lee that you'd be happy to share? Finding it really hard to committ without seeing pics? He told me today he only uses rounds now so theres no health risk at all (said he wouldnt use textured td on his wife so not on patients either!!!) Previous consult with Sam Cunneen he said only really wants to use td??? so much conflicting advice! Mark lee said he can get the same result with the rounds so why take the health risk with the td....not an option as far as he was concerned. Plus I run alot so need to make sure i have best match for lifestyle too. Pics please before i book surgery would be great. Theres lots online from Sam but cant find any of Marks work ??
  10. Perth Ladies help please!And any ladies who run with implants? Ive had initial consults with both Sam Cunneen and Mark Lee. Has anyone had BA with either of these guys? Im very confused. Not over sizing but more about tear drop v rounds. Sam rarely uses rounds and clearly recommends the tear drops textured (after explaining tje health risks).Mark on the other hand says he can get results the same as tear drops but uses the rounds and none of the new health risks with the rounds. He mentioned there are 'things we can do' surgically to get a spot on final result. So health wise the rounds are a winner with a surgeon who knows how to use them. BUT....i run alot. So Sam says the textured TD will kind of attach abit more than smooths. Mark says in all the removals he has done he has rarely seen a textured implant that has actually stuck to or attached to the flesh. ??? Any runners on here?Which type of implants do you have? Any problems or issues or are you happy? Any advice from ladies who have used these guys or are runners....greatly apprecaited ???
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