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  1. Hey SB have sent you a FR hope thats okay :)

  2. Don I tried to reply but your inbox is full!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Taniya, hope your recovery is going well :) That picture was taken in the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Its at the top of the tower hence the awesome view!

  4. Hi bigbooty, I can't believe so much time has passed that you've had your baby already!! Did you have any luck with sorting your lift out?

  5. Less than a week to go now! :)

  6. I am loving the news ones so far :)

  7. You have CC again....no you poor thing. Well of course you go bigger hehehe :) I'd go the brazilians, only cos the rate of CC is less than 1%...and especially cos you don't want it happening again I do bruise pretty easy but yeah, it took a while to go away completely! No bruising this time though yip yip yippee

  8. They like to wait six months to see what happens, and CC doesn't usually happen straight away. Then I had three months to massage to try and break the capsule up. I had to wait then because it wasn't convenient with work until recently plus I wanted a Friday appt, which always seem to go first!

  9. I just saw you had a TT! I didn't realise......it looks awesome, your scar is so low and straight. How is your recovery going?

  10. Hi Cherry.Pie :) They are going good thanks, the incisions are still sore (especially the left) but they should improve soon. I have the strap to wear now, what joy ;)

  11. Yep all here :) I have nothing against overseas but knew that if something was going to go wrong it would go wrong for me (and it did hehe) The lift only cost $500 (my private health excess) and then the redo just now was $500 again. So it didn't really cost anything as such, just my private healthcare excess and now I have new boobies. And brazilians which I am stoked about cos apparently (don't know if this is true or not) once you've had it once you're more prone and now the chance is less than 1% and they're covered for 15 years anyways x

  12. Hey Jordan I have got pics of the new pair but keep leaving my camera at home.....I am going to try and remember it tomorrow! My CC wasn't too bad but it stopped my left boob from dropping so it sat higher. I was very conscious of it...I don't know if people would notice (and no one ever commented on it) but I was aware of it and wanted it fixed. Sometimes it was sore too so best just to get them out. This time there was no bruising but it was pretty hectic the first time hey! :)

  13. Hey echoecho, I see you're back in Thailand lol, what else are you getting done?!

  14. Good Luck for today!! :) xx

  15. Hey Beka how are you going with your massaging? Is your CC getting a bit better? I get mine replaced next week...bit worried in case the capsulectomy is painful, I have no idea what to expect this time x

  16. Hi Cherry.Pie how are you going? I hope Friday went well and you're not in too much pain xx

  17. Thanks Cherry.Pie :) Its coming round quick now! Yip yip yippee! I am glad yours are softening up well, they look good! Funny how much they change isn't it?! Hehe, I quite like my avi pic too, thanks!!! xx

  18. Good luck for today Minimel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I emptied my inbox, I think you tried to message me! x

  20. Hey Blair.....how did you go?!! All good I hope :)

  21. Hey Barely_There, I hope your surgery went well and you're recovering nicely :) I sent you a FR, hope thats okay :)

  22. Good luck Lozz :) xx

  23. Hey bcylou...how are you going with your boobs?

  24. Is that cos of the painkillers do you think? Some of them are pretty strong! x

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