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  1. Initially it can be very hard to break up with someone you have been with from a young age and for a long time....my ex I met when I was 16 and it ended when I was 31. The fact you keep breaking up and getting back together, that shouldn't happen if its meant to be, it should just work. It can be scary being on your own when you are used to being part of a couple but it does sound as though you are after different things but it will get better, good luck with whatever you decide to do
  2. I have to admit I never really used anything on my scars, I did use the silicone gel for a while but wasn't very regular with it. I've been using bio oil for the last 6-8 weeks every day on my stomach and I rub it on my boobs as well.....it has really made a difference to my scars. I have a vertical scar from a lift and now you can hardly see it, both my partner and I were shocked at how faded they have gone.
  3. I'd ring your PS but I would be wary of anything involving pus...I hope you get it sorted
  4. I stayed at SJOG for mine but of the two hospitals I LOVE Hollywood! Why don't you go and have a look around both and see what you think?
  5. I had my boobs done the first time in 2011 and was hoping I'd have kids at some point but didn't know when. Anyhoo I am now pregnant and I can honestly say I like them more at the moment than in all the time I've had them done. They are a bit heavier but not saggy; I won't be breastfeeding but if I need a redo after I will get one done. Good luck
  6. I don't think its right you have to pay again but I would at least go back to the original surgeon and see what he has to say about it. I understand you might not be comfortable having him operate on you again but you need to at least voice your concerns for your own peace of mind. You might be surprised by his reaction and, to be honest, if you do get him to fix it I would think he would do a good job as they know how bad work can affect their reputation. Good luck
  7. Its not talking about the PIP implants, its talking about textured shell implants....
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2619739/Breast-implant-used-99-women-Britain-triggering-new-cancer-warn-scientist.html I saw this story yesterday....what do you all reckon? Is it scaremongering or is there some truth in it? Thanks
  9. I didn't know there was anyone in Perth who would go that size!
  10. One thing that puzzles me, with the big ones liek Coco for example, are their nipples low? Cos it looks like its all boob up top and I wonder where their nipples sit? Like on Coco in her swimsuits it looks like they're pretty low??
  11. I like the pink too dee ency. Does anyone else think the edges look a bit odd in the blue pic (is that Coco?) I think I remember reading that last girl is a D now (UK size) but they look heaps bigger than that? Im going to get mine redone once I've had kids and I want bigger too...the states seems to be the place to go, Pousti and Revis seem to be the top two!
  12. Princess Athena I hope you can get this sorted. is there any chance it could still be swelling?
  13. and red wine is full of antioxidents and has something in it that helps the womb lining so if you fancy a drink have a red wine
  14. Inde, why don't you get some ovulation text strips and use them next month so at least you know you'll be doing the deed at the right time, as if your periods are still a bit irregular it might be hard to track when you're ovulating. They pick up on your LH surge which happens 24-36 hours before your egg is released. Good luck babe and it will happen xx
  15. PrincessAthena wow you had that all in one go.....local on your eyes, that would freak me out I think! Good luck with the recovery
  16. I don't think it would....
  17. I think you have to take it within no more than 96 hours after having sex...but check with a doctor
  18. are they sore Jaddles? I wouldn't be happy having to wait either. Have you told him you don't want to wait?
  19. Good luck with this Don. it sounds like it it going GREAT!! Good on ya xx
  20. Hey Jaddles, I was the same as Inde, swopped textured gels for brazilians. I also changed to anatomical, but the enhance not the nuance. I went with my orginal surgeon and it only cost me $500 which was the excess on my private healthcare; I am with Medibank. There was no gap for the surgeon or the anaesthetist....I think with cc they are a bit more flexible with their charging?
  21. Hey chem that's good to hear that your pain is a bit less Maybe they are putting your body back in whack and your periods are going to go to ehat they 'should' be?!
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