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    molros got a reaction from Minx in Dr Ces Colagrande? Anyone had BA by him with Brazilian implants??   
    EVA68, your comment is rude and inappropriate. How dare you say Lozz should be embarrassed...you are the one who should be embarrassed. Lots of people stay on after having surgery and post to help others just starting out. This thread has gotten completely out of hand but that does not give you an excuse to personally attack someone. If you've nothing nice to say then may I suggest you say NOTHING. Clearly with all of your two posts you've been a great help to people...NOT
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    molros got a reaction from Madeline in Im torn.   
    Initially it can be very hard to break up with someone you have been with from a young age and for a long time....my ex I met when I was 16 and it ended when I was 31. The fact you keep breaking up and getting back together, that shouldn't happen if its meant to be, it should just work. It can be scary being on your own when you are used to being part of a couple but it does sound as though you are after different things but it will get better, good luck with whatever you decide to do
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