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  1. Plastic op 3 mths feeling like I have an implant from breasts down and side to side full muscle repair as I had Ben pregnant so my muscles never reattached  still tight from above navel to pubic and hip to hip  very numb still has anyone or u felt like u had an Implant at 3 mths or more and if so does it pass. I can stretch backward over an exercise ball with rightness but what the dr ordered 2 mths ago with no improvement. I a, at my wits end ready to see if I can reveres this. 

  2. Hi I know it wasn’t last year but I am 3 mths post op regretting it I am all normal movement but feel like I have a implant and numb from breasts to pubic and hip to hip very tight still from above navel to pubic I am wondering if this will ever pass especially the block feeling no pain just driving me to tears can u relate Nd now been a while did u nirice
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