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  1. I’m the venue manager and head floor and bar staff of a very busy restaurant / bar in Melbourne... only took two weeks off... back at work fr a week now - sore as hell and tired too but okay! worried I’m doing my self harm though... may be pushing it
  2. nearly 3 weeks post op... guys I'm starting to freak out that they are going to always point in different directions as the asymmetry is only becoming more prominent as time goes by... somebody please tell me they won't be wonky forever.... I can deal with boob greed but eeeeeeeegh I don't want crazy eyed breasts.
  3. HOLY COW THEYRE PERFECT! I %100 agree that the "wish I went bigger" infection is inevitable with smaller implants and I am suffering that at the moment too for sure but seeing this and some others who feel this way makes me sure that its our minds playing tricks on us because DAMN I hope mine turn out just half as good as yours you must be on cloud 9 theyre just so natural and they've fluffed incredibly!!!
  4. @AshCam I totally understand- I'm in the small implants club with 295cc in each and I think its INEVITABLE to come out of it with serious mental backlash because our brains switch from before hand how we WERE, seeing natural smallish breasts thinking THATS IT thats enough for me thats what I want! and then coming out of the actually process and thinking "I WENT THROUGH ALL OF THIS FOR THESE TINY THINGS?!" boob greed really is an infection of the mind and with actually change how you see your breasts.. we just have to wait for them to settle, drop and fluff and appreciate that we have BOOBS
  5. Good luck! I'm 2.5 weeks PO and my recovery was reeeeallllly painful, I'm back at work now but really stuggling, I do feel a bit crap seeing everyone talk about how painless theirs were but at the end of the day we all get past this stage eventually and it'll be worth it
  6. @Emily Rose he was supposed to but because of my condition he wasn't able to... I'm there at 8am so I bet he won't be in yet... I may request to come back when he is... what time were you in?
  7. hey girls! thanks for all the responses I am in LOVE with the community of this forum. I've been going crazy over what will happen to my body and mind without exercise, I didn't even realise I wasn't supposed to walk yet I've been walking around ... I went plant shopping and made my old man carry around my new succulents (poor bugger is used to my BS) I'm meeting with the Nurse tomorrow for a follow up and will let you guys know how I go! I hope I haven't already done damage... I'm quite... incautious... @pink butterfly I think because my Surgeon has a strict "no bra" rule exercise would be especially rough hahaha I do worry that all of my flopping around without a bra is going to bite me on the arse STAY TUNED LADIES @HXC every day the swelling goes down they are smaller and smaller My post op sheet says to expect them to be 100cc smaller after the first 2 weeks... and I'm like... flicking the page waiting for the part where it says "AND THEN BOOM THEY FLUFF BACK 200cc WAYOOOOOOH!" but it does not.
  8. Its crazy what an emotional whirlwind this has been... I wasn't expecting it to be so hard! hope you're going well! each day get better... but also my brain is constantly finding things to freak out about and that is really exhausting now haha I just hope it all works out well, I have my first post op apt tomorrow and I think it's with his nurses not him which I'm really disappointed about because he hasn't seen me once yet since surgery...
  9. SO, I'm 8 days Post Op now, I am obviously at the part where we are really losing our marbles obsessing over everything thats changing in our new breasts. I've made peace with being asymmetrical- FOR NOW I've made peace with having gone quite small and potentially not fluffing any bigger I've made peace with becoming fat whilst not exercising for 6 weeks but I just found a new thing to freak out over.... NIPPLE STRETCHING my nipples were PERFECT before, I really loved them they were little and perfectly positioned and cute, now they are all weird and stretched out and I'm reading around that they may not go back to normal... anyway, obviously I'm a little bored too. what do you know about Nipple Changes? ***edit** I have actually NOT made peace with the no exercise thing and will probably start a new not very original topic on that soon too because I'm a gym JUNKIE and have already started wobbling in once hard places. WHEN CAN I DO LEGS?! surgeon said 6 weeks but WHY ITS LEGS GUYS HELP
  10. day 7 Post Op! starting to feel better today... Miss Rightie is definitely feeling less happy than Miss Leftie, can't really tell here but she's a little square and her profile projection is pretty much non existent compared to her sister... will time fix this? will the two learn to get along and stick to the same path?
  11. hey girls!! Im arriving on 6 days PO now and feeling better today but yeah Im SO scared going back to work without a bra considering the pain I feel after just a small amount of walking, the weight... my job is running a hospitality night venue so you can imagine the pace Im at... trying to put off my worries to the apt with Mark... he's very rushed but honestly the things I've heard about him and the things he has accomplished in his career in charity and groundbreaking procedures makes me CERTAIN that he is the best in the field! so we gotta have all the faith haha. praying for D&F in these badboys, I've been adding to my gallery over my recovery and will ass some more today or tomorrow but feel free to message me and we can exchange pics etc... @Emily Rose you're already on to that
  12. Wowowowowoow you girls have made my day!!!!!!! @Kaleidoscope_Eyes @HXC Never gonna be able to leave this forum even when I’m all healed up - I’ll be addicted to the effort we all put in to support and advise each other! So unlike what I’m used to in the outside everyday community
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