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    220cc-270cc Teardrop mentor implants, submuscular
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    Mark Ashton October 30th
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    179cm/56kgs/small B
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  1. Have you had or want BA with a fully natural look and feel?

    I’ve just finished my last consult and I’ve gone up to 295cc feeling a lot more confident about this! Textures anatomical still as he is certain this is the only way to achieve the natural look I want... my width is 11.5 and it’s a moderate profile plus 👍🏼 Left feeling better... I think these will be really large on me as I tried on some sizer bras and they were much bigger on my frame than I expected but the 220cc was for sure too small. Cant wait to get all my pictures up!
  2. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    HOORAY! They already look glorious!
  3. Have you had or want BA with a fully natural look and feel?

    Thanks so much ! I have my final consult tomorrow morning, so I will let you know how I go with all of this new information for me to ask about!
  4. Post Op Bra vs NO Post Op bra

    I have my final consult with Mark Ashton tomorrow, I spoke on the phone to his receptionist today and she told me that I will not be using a post op bra or ANY bra for the first 6 weeks of my recovery- opposite to everything I've heard, I then asked about massaging and she told me that he does not encourage any massaging... he's so highly reputed and I trust him with the surgery but this sounds odd?! anybody else have any similar experiences? stats: 22, 180cm, 57kgs, 240cc-270cc? anatomical mentors under the muscle Surgery date: 30th October PS: Mark Ashton
  5. Any tall girls out there?

    hiii fellow beanstalks, I'm 6ft/ 180cm and size XS/ 6-8 on top -10 bottom but usually wear bigger to cover me length wise and end up looking like a plank of wood booked in for 30th October with Mark Ashton for 220cc anatomical mentor implants under the muscle. I dont know what my texture is or my bwd and I'm super uncertain of the ccs as I reeeeeally want a fully natural look and feel but don't know if it's even possible and also think that I'm going so small to be safe on natural aesthetic that I will end up with no real changes haha... so I'm ALL SET
  6. Have you had or want BA with a fully natural look and feel?

    Thanks so much I didn't know that about rounds...I will look into that actually... honestly when Mark said that to achieve the natural look I was after he would use teardrops I ran with the notion that they were the only real option if I wanted a fully natural aesthetic I have nooo idea what bwd is... but yes I think I'll go 300cc, at least I'll enquire about them on my final consult for sure. Yes I pretty much want 'saggy' in the BA world... no hp for me, I really love the natural shape of breasts, I'm just trying to keep that with a size inscrease are you going under the muscle? looking forward to that recovery... lol
  7. Before and after photos - Professor Mark Ashton

    Hey ladies! I don't suppose any of you are still active?? helpful thread! I'm booked in with Mark October 30th and have been really focused on the natural feel and look of the implants soI've gone with 220cc teardrops submuscular... I'm worried I've gone too small now... and Mark does seem like he knows what he's doing but in the same breath the consult felt rushed... I am considering changing my size... anyway, I'd LOVE to see some before and afters or if any of you could help out and guide me in any way hahaha!
  8. Calling Petite Girls or People with 240 cc's!

    having the exact same problem!! I'm 55kgs 179cms and booked in for Mark Ashton Oct 30th - 220cc/240cc anatomical under the muscle--- Im a small B now and wanting a full C / small D went in really steadfast about having a fully natural look and feel but since joing this website have completely new ideas about how large I should get my implants... It seems like I'm the smallest on the entire website and everyone else is still wishing they'd gone bigger!
  9. Have you had or want BA with a fully natural look and feel?

    hey @Wandering Fairy I've added you do you think you achieved the natural feel ? I am worried as well that I've become so caught up in inconspicuousness that I will regret how small they are... thinking of going to 300cc instead... I'm skinny but 6ft and I think the 220cc I've opted for will hardly make me a C cup... my title and post was all over the place @Wanting boobs haha but I have narrowed it down for specificity and that group you mentioned is also super helpful! who are you going with, how are you feeling??
  10. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Thanks girls! @iDream_of_CeeCees @lychee I will definitely see him once more and have a talk about going slightly larger... I just don't want to be too conservative for natural feel and waste the money and opportunity to have the breasts I really want- hopefully I can have both I'd love to hear how the early Octobers are going! looks like I'll be the last of us... I hope youre all still active on the thread when I'm post op!
  11. Small implants anyone?

    are any of you ladies still active at all? super helpful thread!
  12. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Thanks so much for responding! it's so nice that theirs a little community here for BA ladies I'm going in for one more consult and trying on some boobies but I think I only get one more before the surgery so I wont be able to take them home... I'll just make sure I let him know how I'm feeling...I cant deal with the wait... although i only made the decision to do it last week and booked for the 30th of the same month... it seems quick but I can't think of anything else now my life revolves around breasts!!! so many questions and day dreams and googles!
  13. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Total newbie ! Looking for surgery buddies, advice, pics all of the things ! I also posted a topic! 22 years old, going with mark Ashton Oct 30th - 6ft slim build currently a b cup getting teardrop, 200-215 ccs mentors really wanting super natural look and feel but have I gone tooo smalllll?!
  14. Hello Ladies! I'm booked in with Mark Ashton Oct 30th with teardrop implants 220cc under the muscle- I'm worried I've gone too small but I really want to know if it's possible to have implants that you can't notice as fake ! Does anybody have implants that completely fools everyone?!