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    Booked BA 6th April through Cosmeditour
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    Dr Moradi Park Clinic
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  1. I had Dr Moradi through cosmeditour surgery was Friday and I flew home to adelaide yesterday. The whole process was amazing. I can email him anytime and he will reply as soon as possible (I emailed him lastnight and he replied 5 minutes later). I will have a check up with my local GP in 12 days to change dressings, couldn’t recommend them enough. I have motiva ergonomix implants round which are the same price as teardrops and ended up paying around $8990 I think so cheaper than going through them direct! Feel free to ask me anymore questions!
  2. Hey girls, Have booked surgery for 6th of April (so close now!!). Am going to Park Clinic in Sydney which I booked through Cosmeditour back in September last year and have Dr Moradi as my surgeon. Hoping to achieve a natural look for my smaller frame 52 kg and 163 cm tall, but also want cleavage without the need of a bra, hoping a D-DD. Unsure if I want teardrops or rounds as I am in the gym lifting weights 6 x a week, if my surgeon says I can go rounds based on my frame and still achieve a teardrop shape I will! Who else is booked for next month?? Share your journey so far
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondering when everyone started using creams pre-op to prevent stretch marks, also what ones you used?
  4. Hi, I am booked to have surgery April 6 with Park Clinic (either Dr Phoon or Dr Moradi) through Cosmeditour. In Sydney depending on what dates you choose its either Park Clinic or the Breast Academy. There are hidden costs, I don't think many people get the advertised price. All up it is going to cost me around $8-$9K but I am choosing to have teardrops over rounds (they are more expensive). It is still quite a good price considering they are plastic surgeons and not cosmetic. All the best
  5. Hi everyone thank you for your replies. The surgeon said it is fine as long as I have a check up with my local GP, I have had anaesthetic before and I seemed to handle it pretty well as well as pain killers (which I've had in the past for back issues). I do have a pretty high pain tolerance as well so hoping I will be fine!
  6. Hi everyone, I am having my surgery in Sydney travelling from Adelaide. I am flying home the next day after surgery as I just want to go back to my own bed. Has anyone done this before?
  7. Yeah I think I am going to go with Cosmeditour, thankyou! Did you go tear drop, it seems they pretty much tell everyone they would suit teardrops rather than rounds?
  8. I'm struggling to find any bad reviews on cosmeditour how are they so cheap even in Australia? If anyone's had one with them please share!! im booked a consult with tci but since discovering them I am considering booking with them
  9. Hi, I have booked a consult with Dr Lee and Dr Kenny at TCI for next March. I only just fill a 10B and don’t want to go too big or unnatural. I am quite a small but lean person, I go to gym 6 times a week and wondering if anyone fits in the same sort of category as me and what size and profile they went for.
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