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  1. No asymmetry before hand, it's fairly common for your dominant side to drop quicker...I'm not fussed, leftie will drop over the next few months...
  2. 6 mths Boobie check done....that's it no more check-ups, boobs all good, pretty symmetrical but leftie hasn't dropped as much as rightie. Apparently will soften more but I've got motiva implants which are nice and soft anyway. Scars still visible but I have fair skin so they take ages to fade, not fussed as I'm not going to be walking around topless ? Here you go 6mths old 335cc Motiva round mid profile dual plane placement. Started off flat as a tack...ended up at a 12C.
  3. I went with Dr Raymond Goh and I paid $10k but had the best experience.
  4. Oh gun sorry I was late in replying to your other post. I think they look great, natural. Mine sometimes seem smaller than what I wanted but other times I think they are just the perfect size for my shape. I'm a 12C now and happy with that because they look natural. They do change overtime.
  5. Honestly I'm not sure what my BWD is l...I never really paid attention, I was a 12aa though and now a 12C. I don't have before pics but I was completely flat.. I actually have a 6 mths check up on Monday so will have more pics taken. I'm going to ask them to send me my progress pics and then I can share.
  6. Thanks guys! So I did pop into Target and tried on a few different sizes...went up a size to 12D and no padding.. Perfect ? I'd go get another from Bras n Things but I have sooo many bras now ??
  7. Ok so odd question... I'm now a 12C...after my BA, now 5 mths post op... I can't find a strapless bra to fit nicely...not really having boobs before I don't really know what type to get...better to not get padded ones? And if I do, as size bigger?? Cause my regular size doesn't fit at all....I'm going to go try some on just thought I'd ask...?
  8. So 14 wks post op....scars are pretty prominent but I'm pretty fair skinned so figured it would happen..I have been using bio oil for awhile but wondering there is anything else out there that might help fade them?!
  9. Ok finally got pic....so I think I just have a natural gap...I am generally pretty happy, just have to realise that everyone is different and I still have awhile until I hit 12 mths...
  10. Yeah I have a natural gap...well I didn't have anything before so hard to tell. I was told push ups ok from 12wks...but they aren't comfortable so I don't have any yet, just tried them on.. I have dual placements... No pics but I'll take some tomorrow and post.
  11. I'm 3 mths post op....pretty happy with new boobs...I was a 12 A if that...no boobs,.. I have a slim build and not much body fat. I got 335cc motiva plants...I like the size I'm at, which is 12/14C but I feel they are too far apart...or too small. I just wanted that cleavage look but don't have it...even with a push-up which I might add wasn't comfortable at all. Will fluffing still happen?? Or am I just too skinny for that to happen?? Can someone reassure that they still have alot of change to come...
  12. Not too bad, they have dropped a bit and softened. . I'm hoping for a bit more fluffing out...but I'm quite happy with them.
  13. Yes I do, mine are 335cc though but at 12 wks post op, pretty soft already... Compared to other implants I looked at during my consult, the motiva ones were the softest...
  14. Age 39 335cc dual plane round motiva mid profile. Was 12 Aa (ie nothing) after having 3 kids...probably an A before them ? Wearing 12c now... 11wks post op...
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