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    Breast augmentation for slight asymmetry. 250cc sub glandular, silicone gel round, moderate profile.
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    Dr. Tony Tonks, November 14 2017
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    171cm, 57kg, 34A
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  1. Hi ladies. I had my BA just over a week ago and have noticed a red line pop up on my left breast. I was pretty flat chested before so they've had to stretch a lot and have been swollen. I've never had stretch marks before and am kind of paranoid that this is one. It's not due to a bra seam as all the bras I've been wearing are seamless. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this look like the beginning of stretch marks or am I just being crazy 😂?
  2. @AshCam @Wanting boobs Recovery is going pretty well for me! I stopped taking pain meds on the second day and I'm surprised by how quickly the swelling is going down. Mine are over the muscle so that could be why. The only thing I'm a little concerned about is my asymmetry, since one areola is a lot more swollen than the other but I'm sure this will even out over time. Happy to privately message photos if you'd like?
  3. I think I will be content with the size once they settle down, they're just sitting so high and tight at the moment it's hard to make a judgement. I also had (have) some asymmetry so anything is better than what I had prior to surgery! I think we will both be really happy with our results in a few weeks/months Hahahah gotta love kids!! I hope they at least looked good in the drawing
  4. I got 250's so I understand what you mean about feeling underwhelmed! My surgeon must have thought I was the biggest drama queen for assuming 250's would be too big. I'm quite petite too (172cm, 57kg) and also started as an A cup. As you say, the skin and muscle will stretch over time and they will "come out" more, instead of looking like a swollen uni boob I hope your recovery is still going well! xx
  5. Good luck with your surgery! I had mine done on Tuesday so am currently 2 days PO atm. The first day I felt relatively normal, I think I was just relieved it was all over! Not much of an appetite and swelling definitely increases as the days go on but for me at least, pain is subsiding. I've only had to take 1 endone and 2 panadeine forte the entire time. My surgeon recommended only taking pain meds if absolutely necessary as they can make you dizzy and upset the stomach in the long run, making you feel even more crappy. Having said that though, my implants are over the muscle so if yours are under you might experience more pain and need the meds. Anyway, hope this helped and I hope you're recovering well!
  6. Thanks for your response! There's around a 50 gram difference between my breasts, according to my PS. He says that a 50g difference between two larger breasts is much less noticeable than between two smaller, since right now one is basically half the size of the other. Plus even if they don't "catch up", they're not meant to be twins PS recommends overs for most of his patients because he says they move more naturally and won't be warped by the pec muscle. I work out quite a bit so I think this will be the best option for me. What was the psychological adjustment like for you? Going from a 12AA/A I'm afraid I'm going to look fat....even though I'm aware my waist will supposedly appear smaller. Did you have any regrets at first? How long did it take for the swelling to subside after your overs? Thanks so much again for your insights!
  7. Hey guys I'm 172cm, around 57kg and currently wearing around a 34A cup. My left breast is slightly smaller than my right and the nipple is also a bit different (slightly inverted and smaller areola). I'm booked in for a BA on November 14, so very soon! My surgeon has recommended 250cc subglandular to achieve a C cup and balance me out, as I am very petite but with broader hips. It's been difficult finding photos of girls getting implants as small as mine. I realise they are small, but when I wear the sizers I feel like they look huge! Can anyone relate/does anyone have photos or stories of a similar journey? Regarding the asymmetry, I'm getting the same sized implants in both breasts as my surgeon says that often times the smaller one "catches up" over time, and if not, the difference in size will be much less noticeable with larger breasts. Very keen to chat to people with similar experiences! Feel free to PM me as well
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