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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Eddy Dona, 5th December 2017
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    172cm height, 62kg weight, AA bra size

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  1. Hi girls, day 6 and feeling pretty good Off all the pain meds and antibiotics. Can do everything except for lift my son and put my hands over my head. Recovery was easier than I thought it would be, still a little painful and sore in the mornings. Oh and soooo bloated still ☹️ One side is healing much faster than the other so looks uneven in pic, but pretty happy with everything and looking forward to clevage coming through. I am happy with size, trying not to get boob greed as the swelling goes down aha.
  2. Haha, I didn’t feel like drinking coffee the days after my surgery so I ended up with a massive headache lol ? You can def have it though!
  3. Had my first shower and took bra off yesterday, yes omg @rock#3 the bruising on both sides and swelling in clevage area. Bloated tummy too. Excited to see what everything looks like when settled. The pain isn’t too bad and I think I am recovering well, except I am getting caffeine withdrawal headaches of all things lol and have felt nauseous cause of it. Good luck today, hope you are feeling ok!
  4. Thanks babe!! So happy Thanks lovely!! So happy, I went with 440cc. He really is!! Yayyy not long now! ? Thanks lovely, so happy
  5. Hi lovelies! Surgery went well Felt so sick from the GA afterwards but all good now. Not too sore now with the pain meds. So happy with the size I think, suits my frame. I am so so happy yayyy! The hardest bit is not picking up and cuddling my 2 year old but I’ve got plenty of help. Excited for everyone!! x Here’s a before and after pic from my surgeons snap chat
  6. Thank you! I’m on this afternoon yayyyy! So excited it’s actually happening ?
  7. Yes so excited for Tuesday! Eepp shitting myself too ? I keep questioning the size in my head but can’t wait to see them
  8. Thanks Hun! That is really helpful I have been stressing 440 might be too big but it sounds like a good size. Thank you! Hope your recovery is going well
  9. Hi girls! I'm booked in with Dr Eddy Dona in Sydney, 5th December yayyyyyy! I'm 60kg, 172cm and am an AA planning on going tear drop under muscle, 440cc. I wasn't left with much after breast feeding & have gotten leaner equalling no boobies. I'm hoping size isn't too big or too small on me.
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