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  1. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Thank you ladies, I’m lying in pre op waiting. Finally the Valium has kicked in, the nerves were crazy this morning.
  2. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Damn girl you look smoking! 🔥
  3. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Hi dolls, just got off the phone with the hospital. I have to arrive at 7:15am tomororw morning.. I am officially freaking out. Question : are you meant to fast the night before or anything?
  4. Any November 2017 girls?

    Hi hun, could you please add or tag me in the nov 2017 group? Ive been looking but cant find the it.
  5. From flat to full!

    @Emily Rose oh great news, I bet they look amazing. I'm starting to get my bag ready now so I'm not rushing come Thursday lol trying to pack my post op bag appropriately. Received my post op bras yesterday, they look massive 🤣
  6. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Wow I love reading your posts and stories and I definitely love checking out your new additions, they look fabulous thank you sharing. I am booked for surgery with Dr Tav next Thursday 23rd Nov. I was lucky enough to book 9 days after my 1st consult, I took over a last minute cancellation. I am super excited. I'm going to spend the weekend getting everything I need for postop as I'm staying in the city for the night with a girlfriend. I am 175cm, 75kgs, 4 breastfeeding babes and currently b cup. Wanting dd and looking at either 495 or 555 anatomical mentor behind the muscle.
  7. @TheFox @Wanting boobs @NoemiHart Ladies thank you so much for your replies. I did exactly what you all suggested, I gave the girls a call in the office and they were fantastic. They booked me in to see Dr Tav 2 days before op so I can ask any further questions I might have and to play with sizes again. I am no longer nervous, just super excited. So true @TheFox, I can't wait to put my new additions in a halter neck 😜 We are looking at either 495 or 555 anatomical implants under the muscle, moderate profile. I want natural but full 😉 After breastfeeding 4 babes I'm glad I didn't need a lift.
  8. From flat to full!

    @Emily Rose thanks so much hun, I am very excited. We decided between 495 and 555cc, they both look great. I did tell Dr Tav that if we can do 555c on the day of op great, if not, I'm happy with 495 also. Yes I am so lucky I don't have to wait long, I'm not very patient lol.. when did you have your op? How are you feeling and what size did you go?
  9. Surgery after consultation

    I went for my first BA consult today and booked my op for next week 🙊. 9 day then around. I'm super excited but also a little anxious. Feeling like I rushed it a little. More excited though
  10. Hi dolls, I had a consultation with Dr Tavakoli and I was able to get a surgery booking for next week. I pushed for surgery asap as I'm flying internationally and he requires a 6 week gap between op and flying. I'm starting to feel like maybe I rushed it. I didn't ask any questions I had, I was just excited and loved what I saw and how I felt about it all.. Are these nerves normal?
  11. November 17 BA

    Hi ladies, I went for my consultation today and will be having my BA next week 23rd 🙊. Feeling completely overwhelmed
  12. From flat to full!

    @Summerholiday thanks so much for your reply. I had my consult with dr tavakoli today and booked in for next week due to a cancellation. Super excited and nervous
  13. From flat to full!

    Hi Dolls, I am in the process of organising consultations with Dr Rastogi, Dr Kahout and Dr Phoon. I'm extremely excited and nervous at the same time. I have been referred to Dr Rastogi and Dr Kahout by friends who have had BA done, most are happy with their results but one girlfriend isn't. I understand everyone is different and will react differently etc. I was wanting some your personal experiences re: these doctors if you have had a BA done. I am 5'8, mother of 4 which were all breastfeed for min. 14 months. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.