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  1. I don’t know if I over did it but last night both my boobs were so sore. Whenever I stop moving and lie down they go hard and stiff, is that normal? I’m 2 weeks post op today. @Wanting boobs what do you do to massage your boobs? ? The nurse told me I can massage but is there certain techniques I should be doing lol. Any feedback re: massage would be awesome ladies?
  2. Ooo very nice, love the colour ? My morning boob is horrible ? and it’s always my left boob. The right is fine but my left side feels so tight and restricted.
  3. Thanks girl, I can’t wait to get these girls out of the Po bra. It’s leaving me bruised ??‍♀️ And I’ve tried 3 different sizes so it can’t be that. It’s just not a friendly bra lol.. You’ve only got 2 weeks to go hun, hang in there. I can’t wait to get a spray tan lol 2 more weeks to go. Did I read @Wanting boobs that you were sleeping flat on your back day 7? I’m so jealous, I still can’t recline flat or sleep on my side, it’s horrible.
  4. Hi ladies, went for my 10 days post op appt today and all is well.. I’ve been given the all clear to go bra shopping, woohoo I can’t wait. Tried on 1 bra today and it was a 12E. Still have some slight bruising from the lipo he gave me haha but other than that they’ve dropped well so far. First time after 4 babes I am completely loving on myself lol even though I still need to lose 12kgs my new additions just make me feel whole.
  5. Good luck hun, it’s very exciting ? The whole procedure from checkin to check out was meant to be 4 hours. I however got knocked around the the GA and took forever to wake up lol I was however enjoying my deep sleep
  6. Completely normal trust me, I was about to call it quits even when in the pre op ward until they gave me some Valium ? then I was happy as Larry. I went in with a button up shirt and jeans. Both very easy to put on and we’re comfortable. I would say button up shirt and shorts if hot, just makes it easier for you. Don’t forget to take your postop bras too. I was extremely groggy post op, it actually took me a few hours to come too lol admittedly I was excited to go under so I could have an uninterrupted sleep ? ( 4 young babes) Best advice I read was throat tablets, my throat was killing after the procedure. I had to fast from 10pm the night before, you may have to do the same
  7. How are you feeling about returning to work hun? How many days post op are you now? How are you finding driving? Sorry a million questions ? Also anyone else wake up with a really tight boob first thing in the morning. My left side of my boob is so tight when I wake up and painful to touch. Going to give the girls in the office today and see what they say. Not long now @elleg, you must be very excited. Hows your recovery coming along @Summerlovin and those beautiful new additions? ?
  8. Day 3 post op and I think I should be resting more ? had thanks giving dinner last night and then a christening today and by the end of it I’m screaming for my meds ? sometimes I feel so good that I forget that I need to recover. I’ve finding I’m starting to bruise a little either side of my boobs quite possibly from my bra, it doesn’t feel tight though. Did anyone else not Ice post op? Would love to hear from you. I did have a girlfriend ask me at church today “are those new?” ??
  9. @Amanda0630 hun don’t compare yourself, you get what you feel comfortable with and what suits your body. My girlfriend got 355 hp round under muscle and they look magic on her frame and quite big. @Wanting boobs you’re right hun, I just need to be patient. ?? The nurse at the hospital told me not to apply ice so I didn’t u til the nurse at Dr Tavakoli’s office told me yesterday to apply ice. Did it the first time last night and have been in so much pain ever since. What the heck? I wish I never touched them cause they weren’t causing me any discomfort and weren’t that swollen at all ? worst night sleep
  10. All is well hun, 1 day post op and feeling good... I'm in love with my boobies hehe.. How are you feeling?
  11. Aw thank you ladies 1 day post op and feeling great. I’m in love ? I woke up to 495cc, I was a little disappointed as I really wanted the 555cc but after consulting with Dr Tavakoli today he said the 555cc wouldn’t fit. He struggled to get the 495cc in and was going to put in 405cc but knew I would wake up and hurt him ???. My skin is very taught. Slight bruising above right boob where he did some light Lipo and sculpting which he didn’t charge me for, how nice. He’s definitely very very good at what he does.
  12. Thank you ladies, I’m lying in pre op waiting. Finally the Valium has kicked in, the nerves were crazy this morning.
  13. Damn girl you look smoking! ?
  14. Hi dolls, just got off the phone with the hospital. I have to arrive at 7:15am tomororw morning.. I am officially freaking out. Question : are you meant to fast the night before or anything?
  15. Hi hun, could you please add or tag me in the nov 2017 group? Ive been looking but cant find the it.
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