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    I'm looking into a tuberous breast augmentation now that I realise that it's actually a deformity. I'm in Brisbane and am petrified of the $30k price tag attached to my self confidence! I, like everyone else, want to make sure I'm getting a good job for the amount this is going to cost me and am interested in seeing before and afters to help me choose a surgeon.
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    168cm 10B-D pre-op
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  1. Hi Win, the price includes lipo for breast pads if needed, gel implants and all the other general hospital fees etc. I'm told it's a lift with implants. Thanks Fox - would definitely pay if worth it but I just hadn't heard of a $30k boob job before!
  2. Is $30k a lot for a tuberous augmentation? I've been reading that it's more around the $20k for a lot of you. I don't even think I'm that severe :/
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