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  1. I need to have a septoplasty and also get my tonsils removed. My GP who has seen me seen I was born some 30+ years ago recommended Professor Alan Cheng. He is based out of Strathfield but also works at the Children's Hospital in Westmead NSW and is the head of department at Canterbury Hospital. I met with Dr Cheng who had a great manner, didn't speak to me condescendingly, and took his time to explain the process of the septoplasty to me. I have a bump on my nose and it is slightly crooked and have always wanted to correct it, but two plastic surgeons I saw in the past didn't sit right with me so I didn't go ahead. I am Middle-Eastern and I wanted something that still reflected my ethnicity somewhat. Dr Cheng says he can cosmetically enhance the nose, but in a modest, subtle manner - which is basically what I want - just a slight shaving down of the bump (even though as he explained, that's not how he does it). It will involve getting rid of the crookedness and bump, which will make the nose slightly narrower too. My issue is that I can't find any reviews on cosmetic work he has done, because he's not actually a plastic surgeon. But he has 20+ years experience as an ENT. He did my father's septoplasty and Dad was happy, but there was no cosmetic work done there. And there are a couple of reviews online from mums with kids who have loved his work. He also doesn't have a website, and even in clinic, doesn't have pictures. He says it's not how he operates, and how do I know that other surgeons are really showing me their work, or not showing me the bad photos. I am torn. I asked my GP again today and he said he would trust him with his own nose - medically and cosmetically. Does anyone know anything about this Doctor's work outside the typical ENT stuff? Would you go with an ENT or a cosmetic surgeon?
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