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  1. Appt went well. He recommended between 345 and 395cc OVERs. His comments were I had good breast tissue and very tight/strong pecs and going under would be a real no no with my fitness work. We talked about it quite a bit. His comment was he is strongly against unders on women who do a lot of chest work and that another PS in Melbourne, a friend of his, does them under and thinks they are ok. I am okay with going over as long as I do have good breast tissue to hold them in place. I also have a real ski slope inmy upper chest and i read on JBI from a woman who said her PS tolder that overs would fix that look better than unders. I will send you a FR so you can see my album with my rice sizers in it and see what you think of the size. obviously they aren't too sophisticated but you get the idea. I didn't think the 395 was too bad on me. Being quite broad shoulders, my body seemed to take them quite well. I am going to take my husand back to do another sizing and see what he thinks.