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  1. Hi :) I have an 18mth old, 3 and a 6yr old. Hmmm. I had my surgery on the Tues, and hubz took the rest of that week off. So I was back on board from Monday morning, that's the first time I drove. Driving was fine. Getting the baby into the car seat (in the middle of the three seats) was tricky. I had to get him to climb in which was kinda hard and then go right into the car with him. I started picking him up from that day, since it was pissing it down with rain and the puddles were about three inches deep. You had to be careful, but you can do a lot without using your pecs. Lifting him into the cot was tricky. Pushing the stroller up/down steps is tricky (still not great), pushing stroller over bumps is hard too - you just come to a standstill. I stopped using the double stroller as there was no way I could have steered it - so now the 3yo walks the 1.5k to school and back every morning lol. Lifting the garage door up was fine, back down I had to use my head!!!