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  1. ....lol, sorry about all the messages. Just wanted to say that you should go with the PS you felt most comfortable with & whose recommendations you trust the most even if it means cancelling with the other guy. I had a TT before I had my BA. I used a different PS for my TT & I was so very unhappy with him right from the pre op. I often considered cancelling my TT to find a new PS but didn't cause I was in such a rush to do my surgery. Now, I so regret not cancelling :( Anyways, sorry about the ramble lol! Try not to feel pressured into making a rushed decision & don't be scared to cancel a surgery if the PS's recommendations don't feel right! If I could have my time again I would have cancelled my TT & found someone else. I wish I found my BA PS earlier as I would have had him do both surgeries as he was brilliant :) xo