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  1. contined again lol....To be honest, I haven't done a pump class since my BA. I've only done attack & step at this stage. I was planning on leaving the pump classes a little longer before I returned to it as my arms were really sore after my surgery! I've just mostly been doing the cardio stuff & leaving the pushups out. That said, I do know other girls at my gym who do the pump classes & have unders & I don't think they've had issues! Thats great that your PS hasn't had an anatomical rotate on him. Its important with anatomicals that the PS is skilled as I've heard if they make the implant pocket too big then there can be an increased risk of rotation. My PS said much the same as yours. He said as long as I stick to his rules then I'll be fine as he's only seen rotation in women who don't stick to his guidelines! xo