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  1. lol! Its totally up to you, but if you liked the PS who recommended the teardrops then I'd stick to him. Personally myself, I'd be reluctant to ask the other PS about teardrops without another consultation with him . You want to be sure he is skilled at fitting them, hear his post op instructions for anatomicals & recommendations & care plan IYKWIM. I guess what I'm saying is that you need to be sure that the 1st PS is as skilled at fitting anatomicals as the 2nd PS cause if he doesn't usually do them, then he may not be great at fitting them. I noticed on JBI, that some of the US PS are very anti anatomicals! I think its cause they don't know how to fit them properly & hence they are worried about the increased risk of rotation since they aren't skillled at it! The holiday sounds awesome :) I would think you would be fine for a holiday at 6 weeks post. I had post op consults at 2 weeks, 6 weeks & then the next is at 6 months. :)