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  1. Hi all, i thought it might be interesting to talk about who we are telling about our surgery ( any cosmetic, not just boobs) and how did people react? My husband commented when we were discussing it last night, thst i need to prepare myself that people will make a judgement of me for getting new boobs, good and bad. I have told my sister, close friend with no boobs too and a friend who works for my ps..she would have found out anyway! I dont plan on telling anyone else and only if they ask afterwards would i discuss it. Thoughts?
  2. Fit and flat

    What to Expect After????

    day 4 and feeling good. If you have had kids it is a lot like that. I strained my left side a bit as I am left handed and have been using that arm too much. Also breathing is hard as the bra is tight! It is definitely getting better each day. They look good too, the joy if sub fascail means the muscle doesn't have to relax and let the implant drop. they look good pretty quick. anyway i am waiting for the 2 week mark when I get the stiches out and tape off and they soften... how are you going Amgab?
  3. Fit and flat

    What to Expect After????

    Surgery was good. Very nervous before but so fine. Home now, resting, taking meds, drinking heaps of water and not mch else for next 3 days so i can really recover well. Am looking like a dd but still lots of swelling so too ealy to tell. I am patient.
  4. Hi charlee jane, surgery went well yesterday, ferling good, swollen but able to move around well and resting on couch today. Penisula was great, staff were excellent, no problems for me. My boobs are big but once the swelling goes down they will be good. Very happy!

  5. Fit and flat

    What to Expect After????

    4 days to go ladies..! very excited indeed. THanks for your posts Charlee, it has helped me heaps to prepare.
  6. that is great to hear. I am really excited and can't wait now. not at all worried about the size, i am settled on the 395 and I know that is the best thing for me. i kinda wanted bigger boobs even though i tell others that i am staying smaller so if they end up bigger than a d (and I don't think they really will, i will be ok with it). ill let you know how i go!

  7. Fit and flat

    Please help!!! VERY DARK bruising???

    Also i think it is the bra...with just a bit of swelling and the incision, could be enough to bruise yor skin. What do you think?
  8. Fit and flat

    Please help!!! VERY DARK bruising???

    Hows this going charlee ? I am really sorry noone as replied to you? Post on JBI...youll get more feedback most likely!
  9. That sounds like a good experience. I am going to Penisula as it is closer to me. I have heard from another member that is wasn't great but it is only for a night so i don't really care. Jo is good isn't she. She said the same to me, we did 3 diff sizes and she was the best person I have had for measuring. She made the point about how it should balance out your hips. I had never thought of that. How old is your daughter? mine is 6 and I have no idea what to tell her as she will tell everyone if i say I am getting new breasts! I will be ok with the recovery part, school and Kinder means I have the house quiet for the first few days.

  10. Hi Charlee I am off for surgery with Tim on 3rd Aug. THanks so much for your step by step breakdown of how you felt. if you and Emma Jane can keep that commentary going I would love it! did you have sub facial implants? I assume you did as that is all he does I think. I am having 395cc, i am a 34a and looking for a d cup. I have a bwd of 14 so he recommended the 395cc for "perky booobs"/. I am now starting to freak out about dying on the table (I can talk myself of that - nothing i can really do if that happens) but also your comments about the selfishness of this surgery - i really want better, bigger boobs after 3 kids so i know I won't be happy without it but I need some reassurance that I can do this!!! What else, I think I will be ok with the pain, i am ok with that kind of thing, Just want to know I will be ok after a week or so..I am reading your posts with interest and any feed back you can give me would be great!! 25 days to go.

  11. Sorry about my lack of reply, not getting here very much. Also when you repy to a visitor messag, go post your reply on their wall so the person knows you have replied. I did (andstill do) make that mistake. So copy your repky to peaches on her wall. I am very excited, 3.5 weeks and suddenly i am doubting all this but i know i will ake it over the line and yes i am worried i am going o be too big, even though i am sure the sizes looked ok. How much do you think you lose from the sizers to real thing?

  12. Fit and flat

    3 more sleeps

    Hi emmajane, how goes the recovery? Some more questions? Are you easily driving a car? What kind of mobilty do you have in your shoulders? Can you reach up? Do you think you are able to go back to gentle exercise or would tnat be ridiculous?
  13. Fit and flat

    how much??

    Mel, $12k all up
  14. Very exciting! I am 3 weeks and 5 days off and suddenly i am getting nervous! Let us know how it goes.
  15. Fit and flat

    4 weeks post op & brought these babies their new bras yesterday!

    So good to read your recovery is going well. Well done!
  16. Fit and flat

    I have a new set of boobies YAY!!!

    oh this is very exctiing!! I am definitely going the 395cc. Did you have them placed sub fascial or completely over the muscle? I had read about peninsula private but it is closer to home and I decided I would just go there as it is only 1 night so if it is ***** I only have to do 24 hours there.
  17. HI Emma Jane hows the healing going?

  18. Fit and flat

    I have a new set of boobies YAY!!!

    This is great news. What meds are you taking? Are these the anti biotics? What do you have to do about the following? Stitches. How long are they in for? How long do you wear the bras for? Whats your bwd? I am still working out my size but 395cc looks so great, bit on the big side but i will lose a bit so i dont want to go too small. I want a good d cup!
  19. Fit and flat

    Who did you tell and how did people react after

    isn't it strange how people react? i have told a good friend of mine as i was having to lie to her about going to some appointments. I was so worried she would go "why would you want to do that?" ...of course she didn't, I cried as i was so embarassed telling her and she thought it was fantastic and exciting and now I can joke about it with her. another friend who knows told my sister inlaw by accident....just assumed they would know...ha ha they thought she was talking about me having another baby....not! Who else knows, 2 girls in my gym classes who have had theirs done and it is great as they are so excited for me. Around my neck of the woods it is not uncommon so I don't feel on the outer with it. Saying that I am not telling my parents as they really wouldn't get it I don't think. I just find it extrodinary how other people feel the need to comment on what you do to your own body, whether it is having another baby or fixing saggy, unattractive breasts.
  20. Fit and flat

    I have a new set of boobies YAY!!!

    Hi Emma You are having exactly what I am having with Tim in 6 weeks!! how was it..tell me everything? were you are pennisula or Berwick? how much pain are you in? I am a bit taller than you and similar weight. very excited for you!
  21. So sorry to hear your story. that sux. You need to speak to a lawyer and find out where you stand. I would imagine the issue must be that you didn't know he wasn't qualified and he needed to notify you appropriately that he wasn't a ps or even a cs. Get online and look up medical negligence lawyers and see who is around. The second thing will be getting your new PS to be willing to speak against a fellow doctor (always a tricky one) and have it said this person was negligent in his care. You can get and FOI possibly and see his medical files on you and see what he has written...not sure if this is something you can do as layperson. Good luck and keep us posted.
  22. Fit and flat

    Who is financing or financed your boob job??

    I work part time so my husband will be paying for it but i don't think of it like that. I work unpaid 100 millionhours a week looking after our 3 kids and home so I feel like money isn't an issue on this one and my husband was fine about it too which I love him for as I even said i feel like a shallow person for wanting this so much but he understood and agreed. He said if there was a cure for his balding head and it cost $12K would I mind? no.
  23. Fit and flat

    My Breast Augmentation/ Reconstruction

    also, are you getting and outline of the implant under the fascia? anddddd Are you gttting any muscle distortion?
  24. Fit and flat

    My Breast Augmentation/ Reconstruction

    Hi bunnie Always great to hear your update. i am still thinking I am going sub fascial. I just can't bear to cut my pec muscles and risk never doing my chest work again!!! I am still booked for Aug 17 so that is something to look forward to.
  25. Fit and flat

    What did you tell your kids????

    Good idea rox. I'm not telling mums at school or kinder and will cover up for ages till they get wind of it...We'll see how we go.