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  1. If you already went as big as you could go with unders (maximum breast width the surgeon can fit in) how does it work getting them bigger? Do you have to get overs if you want the bwd to be wider? I have ultra high profile 535cc about 5 months aho which was as big as he could fit but I'm thinking of going bigger when I can. But I don't know about getting overs as I'm pretty skinny so I don't want them to have too much upper pole or have a noticeable border like two basketballs Is this wishful thinking? I know surgery isn't magic so I will just accept it if I can't go any bigger without starting to look like Courtney Stodden!
  2. Just curious! Mine are still tight and don't move. Can't wait to be able to squish them and push them together. Feels like I've had them for so long now and it's only been 4.5 weeks! Also, how much did the gap between your boobs close over time?
  3. Thanks @sabP. It's strange as it's actually my weaker arm that is the one that won't budge! The left has been higher and tighter since day 1 post op. I guess I'm mostly scared as I have textured implants so I feel helpless to do anything to remedy the situation as I can't massage! Glad yours is going well! Really hope there's some changes for me over the next couple of weeks. I'll probably break down and cry with relief if the left boob starts to drop!
  4. I'm just over 3 weeks post op and one breast is dropping into a more boob-like shape, while the other is still riding high with a freaking massive "shelf" at the upper pole and looks like the nipple is pointing downwards, I hate it lol I can't massage as textured, and the surgeons I went to don't use straps. So I'm just sitting hoping for the best. Looking for some peace of mind really that I'm not going to need a revision and that it's still possible for my muscle on that side to relax. Not had an easy ride of this process so far... Haven't enjoyed my new boobs one bit yet
  5. Yeah I have this too a bit. And dry skin. I'm almost 3 weeks in. I wonder if it's also from lying around the house during recovery as well and just getting no sunlight...
  6. I'll just chip in here. You might see that I have posted almost the same question a few weeks ago. I asked advice here and @misstons saved me from regret by telling me to go bigger. When u come out of surgery u think they're big but 2 weeks in you feel like they're the same size as ur old boobs (even though they aren't). I'm similar stats to u and I went to 535 and I don't even look top heavy at all when I stand in underwear. Not saying u should go that big but if you're deciding between two I'd say bigger. Mine aren't as big as the rice sizers seemed either. Because the rice sizers seem to add width that you won't have with the real implants. So they look fat and round with sizers. But when the implant is in they aren't as fat and puffy and just don't look as big in my opinion. And also the rice sizers are outside ur skin. The implant is sheltered by your skin and muscle lying over it all so you lose a bit from that as well. Anyway good luck deciding and good luck whichever you choose!
  7. Thanks! Yeah I found a stockist here but they are shut for the xmas period now. Which is fine, as I'll just buy when they open again. I was just wondering the size as sometimes things are "small made" and I bought one of these type of bras from the UK where it's meant to fit any cup size and be stretchy but it is still super tight on the implants even though it fits my chest width. So I was wondering since I'm a 30 chest width, should I go for the 28 or the 32 (as the carefix ones only seem to come in either of these sizes) my gut says get the 32...
  8. What size bra are you usually, and what size did you get of that compression bra? How does it fit? Looks lovely! Mine is hideous haha. I have one that's too tight and one that's not tight enough. Looking for my goldilocks bra now - 3rd time lucky ? Oh and how does it fit across the top of the implants? I got big implants so I'm finding that even when it fits round the chest, it digs into the front of the implants.
  9. And particular one or just the whole range? I got 535cc on a small frame so not sure whether I should get the higher firmness, or if intermediate would be fine. What do you think?
  10. Just wondering what recommendations anyone has here? I bought the macom i-bra in the correct size for my chest width but it feels a bit tight round the boobs. And the one they gave me at the PS clinic looks like a 50s bikini! (and also doesn't feel very supportive as it's made of stretchy cotton) Just looking for one that gives the best support and will make my boobies have the best outcome and look nicely shaped
  11. Lol! I'm just clearly a mess of a human being right now ? big square implants up to my neck and a big pot belly of fluid ? not glamorous whatsoever! Cannot wait for these things to settle!
  12. That's what I was like as well! I've undone the top and bottom clips to allow a bit of room and it feels a bit better
  13. Anyone getting fluid buildup in their tummy? I have a total pot belly of fluid just now lol!
  14. Yeah it's all very confusing exactly how right it should be. The one they gave me is extreme comfortable but like I said I don't think it offers any compression at all. Only a bit of support. ??? ahhh decisions! I guess I could try wearing the tighter one for a day and see how it feels afterwards
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