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  1. I got ergonomix 3 months ago! They are soft, but much firmer than "real" boobs. They feel especially firm when I lay on my back, or when I press down with one finger right over the nipple.
  2. 4 days 10 weeks. 8 months. Motiva ergonomix full 235/295 cc
  3. Im not sure i agree with the ladies above. I got 295 motiva ergonomix full, 166 cm and 54 kgs. Started as a full 75A, and now I feel like i look proportional with my c-cup. I would rather go a bit too small than a bit too big.
  4. I put cotton in my sports bra, the material the bra is made of just make the pain 10 times worse!
  5. Had my surgery january 2 The pain has been almost non existent, and today i stopped using painkillers. Im so surprised, so far the recovery has been so much easier than what i expected for submusculars. Ended up with 235/295 HP motiva ergonomix!
  6. Less than two weeks left now, wow!!!
  7. Hey! Im scheduled for january 2th, but with two different PS with different opinions. I have a really hard time making up my mind! PS1: Recommends anatomicals. PS2: Recommends HP rounds. Both are in the same size (245/295 cc) but im really scared the hp ones will be "too round" , as im aiming for a natural look. Ps2 assured me that wouldnt be a problem. Dont know if i trust him on that though, as ive seen more fake-looking than natural looking hp boobies.
  8. Hi! I'm booked for january 2th But.... Ive booked with two different ps that recommended me different implants, and i cant seem to make up my mind The first one was certain i should have anatomical ones, and the other one recommended round HP. Both agreed on the size - around 245/295 cc. Im so scared that my new boobs will look like two round silicone balls with the HP ones, as ive seen many examples of that even with moderate implants, or complications with the anatomicals.
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