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  1. i never knew that vitamins could help - us this something that you can do for a primary augmentation
  2. wow this is so cool look how much they have changed - thanks for sharing
  3. who was your surgeon and are you happy with your results?
  4. thank you so much for that information - very informative
  5. Ive read heaps of his reviews on here, he seems to be really loved by his patients. Would love your feedback once you have your consult
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering about breast implant related illness and whether or not anyone has any experience with this? I am in the research stage of my breast augmentation and have come across some stuff on the internet that says breast implants can cause health issues such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, IBS, intolerances etc Does anyone have any first hand experience with this? is this something I should be concerned about. Im finding it hard to access any information online that is not impartial. I also find the big list of symptoms hard to attribute to having breast implants.
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