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  1. Hey guys! Has anyone ended up getting this done? I have a consultation with Dr Martinick this week 😆
  2. Hi everyone! I’m looking to have a hair line reduction and the only place I have found in Perth is Dr Martinick but I was wanting opinions about surgeons all over Australia and any advice if you have had one! Thanks
  3. Hey!! That’s awesome, I’m 3 weeks post op and just started testing the waters by sleeping on my side... Same I can’t wait until they drop! Do you know how long it will take? Hey girls!! I am going to post my journey on my Instagram in the next week or two! Please give me a follow if you would like to see all my updates! I have posted a photo below so you can find me 😆 xxx
  4. Hey!! Did you end up getting them done? I’m got mine done yesterday and I could not be happier!! The service was amazing and I am in hardly any pain.. he did an amazing job! Hey! I am Day 1 Post op and not feeling too bad unsure about how my shower will go... any advice? X
  5. I seceded to go with him!! I’m havubh surgery 28th Feb! Did you end up booking?
  6. Hey girls! I’m planning on getting a BA next year and was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences with Dr Mark Lee? Thanks x
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