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  1. Hi MummaJules! It is so exciting. Have you booked??? I am having the should I go round or teardrop dilemma at the moment!!
  2. Hi All, I am all booked for 16 Feb and wondering if there are any other ladies out there who would like to connect about their upcoming BA?!
  3. Good luck!! I’m sure it will all go well and I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you. If you don’t mind me asking what size did you choose?
  4. Thanks Wanting Boobs :-) I haven’t had a consult yet but they have recommend mentor teardrop implants and I concerned that they aren’t going to give me the shape I want. I want the upper pole fullness and nice clevage and I’m worries teardrops won’t give me this look
  5. Hi ladies :-) I have just booked for 16 Feb with CosMediTour Gold Coast! I am yet to decide implant size etc.. just wanting to connect with other girls having surgery then or even had the surgery or due to have the surgery. I am really scared about choosing implant size! I am 163 centimetres, 54kg and currently barely fit a 8A!! I don’t want to go too small but I don’t want to look ridiculed either! Any suggestions???
  6. Hi all. I am planning a BA on th Gold Coast and I am seeking feedback on CosMediTour Gold Coast please. It’s such a big decision and I want to make sure it’s the right one. Also any feedback on TCI.
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