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    5ft3ins, 53kgs, bwd 12. Current size A cup, want full C

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  1. Girl1999


    Har, me too, we're all weirdos now. I can twitch either boob individually by pushing my hands together now. couldn't do that before. Mind you, I didn't have boobs before! Maybe we just have no clue what it's like to have boobs?
  2. Girl1999


    When I'm cold and I shiver, my chest muscles contract making my boobs twitch! Bizzare boob fact
  3. Girl1999

    I think I chose the wrong size

    Hi, don't panic yet. It's really early days. They'll get bigger as the muscle relaxes. I thought mine were too small to start with, then a month in worried they were too big. It will keep changing. I think they look like a greater size
  4. Girl1999

    Dropping faster then the other

    They look really pretty! Is the one that hasn't dropped as quick your dominant side? Right handed or left? I feel like my right side (I'm right handed) is slower to do it's thing than the left. Apparently the muscle stronger on dominant side. Maybe massage would help it to drop into the pocket?
  5. Girl1999

    345cc anatomical ladies!

    I'm 53/54kgs and 5ft 3. I got 320cc under muscle. My photos are public on here. I'm so glad I didn't go smaller. Do consider how your breasts will feel btw. anatomicals are firm. I got rounds and they still feel 'fake,' I'm hoping for more softening. I'm about 3 months. I reckon, If in doubt, go bigger.
  6. Girl1999

    Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    My surgeon had to order the implants 2 weeks before my surgery, so that was my cut off date for deciding. I went with the advice of the women on here and went bigger. Ask what the biggest you could get is, sometimes it's helpful to know. I started at 2605cc and ended up with 320cc. Surgeon said my max was 330cc.
  7. Girl1999

    Facial Threads

    Interested in this too!
  8. Girl1999


    Try rice sizers, my 2 month post op results are pretty close to my home made sizers.
  9. Girl1999

    Moderate Plus or HP

    I'm 53kgs, Bwd 12cms. Started with very little made worse by breast feeding. I got 320cc's medium profile and worried they would be too big. 2 months ish post op and they don't seem too big at all. In hindesight I would have gone for the lower profile to look more natural. But I do like the volume. don't forget about the feel, teardrops tend to be firmer. I got motiva rounds, made for women who want a teardrop look but with the softness of a round. Keep reasearching till you feel comfortable.
  10. Girl1999

    When did yours soften up?

    Thanks so much guys, I'm going braless in the evening round the house, trying to get them to settle in more. Love the shape but want more softness, I think it will take a good few months. Wil let you know. But it do love my boobs
  11. I guess this has been asked plenty of times but when did your implants feel soft? I'm 7/8weeks po (starting to forget now) they're settling nicely but still feel firm ontop, basically where the implant sits under the muscle. The underside is soft though. I'm embarrassed to hug people! When did yours change?
  12. Girl1999

    Plank style exercises

    Yes I had this thought too. I'm missing out the chatarungas, mind you, every yoga woman on you tube has implants, so can't do any harm?
  13. Girl1999

    295cc mod plus ladies

    I put photos of my pre-op body with my stats on here and real self. the consensus was 320, which was much bigger than I'd initially thought. I don't feel 'big booby' if that makes sense and they don't get in the way of workouts which is something I worried about. I reckon it's the width of the implant that matters. An implant with low projection that covers the chest looks natural to me. I haven't had boob greed...yet!
  14. Girl1999

    Plank style exercises

    Thank you so much. I've been missing working out but then I'm scared to do the kind of stuff I used to! I did a 4 min plank challenge everyday and used to slip in random moves through the day. Now I just do a workout at the weekend but it's not enough. Holding a plank everyday made more difference than I appreciated.
  15. Girl1999

    Plank style exercises

    I'm over 6wks post op now. I've started trying to get back into my workouts. I used to do lots of plank variations but I'm worried what it might do to the new boobs. I'm waiting for them to drop a bit more and soften up. Will doing planks make my boobs harder? Or slow d&f?