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  1. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    what cc to go for?

    Hey Love totally agree with the ladies, over the muscle is what I choose when you go under the muscle some is lost. I believe from what I have read over is less evasive. The drop and fluff will continue as time goes by so be patient and enjoy your journey. As for me I and hubby chose to go as large as possible. Mine was a revision replacing 225cc with 520 cc I had a lot of loose skin to work with. Good Luck You will be lovely. Huggs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  2. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Push up bras

    Just love push up bras as for me PS told me after 5 to 6 weeks wired bras would be okay. I love the cleavage and the extra support they give. I am sure everyone is different so just listen to what your girls are telling you patience is a must when it comes to surgery. Hope this helped, as for me I began after my fifth week, love the cleavage and support. Also it is so so important to get a push up that keeps the girls in, I have tried some that failed in this very important factor in selecting a push up bra. Happy Push Up Bra Shopping Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  3. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Why did you decide to get plastic surgery?

    Love the comments as for me when I had my first in 1982 I had thought about it for a number of years after my two sons were born. At that time I wore a B cup and in some bras a C cup. At this time in my life I don't believe vanity was the main reason for the boob job, however I was very concerned about the way I looked. The girls after child birth, age and gravity had taken over, I had tried the gimmicks of breast enlargement with exercise, and creams for better cleavage, and fullness. They didn't really help I found out one of our local doctor had performed breast enlargement so I set up an appointment the consoluation was great he preformed the surgery placing 225 in left and I believe 235 in right. I remember the first time taking the bandages off I was huge wondering what have I done, of course my hubby was delighted. Thirty some years later my doctor suspected a possible tear in my left breast and yes mine were the Dow Corning although I had no problems my first instinct was to have them removed with so many women having problems here in the states. My husband and I decided to have them replaced, now the question was what size should I get. We looked at numerous photos and checked out many PS within 400 miles of our home. This time the desire for the surgery was more of a safety issue with the rupture, but there was more vanity this time both on my part and hubby also. PS did her measurements and with the loose skin she said I can do what you want we took photo's with us of ladies that had had surgery it was like going car shopping. My self and PS decided on the size for my frame which were 520. So pleased and blessed there isn't a day goes by that my husband tell me how awesome I look. So Yes this is where vanity come in if I could have done it all over again would I have done it the answer is yes. Love my Boobs
  4. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    When did yours soften up?

    Enjoy reading the comments by you lovely ladies of boobs and how each of our bodies are different. As for me with the revision after the swelling went down my girls were very soft and juggiley. I ask my PS when mine would drop and fluff after the 2nd week of PO she said they most likely were where they be. Sure enough super soft fuller, hubby can't keep his hands off them. He compliments me each day how great I look and how wonderful and natural they feel. I don't really know if this was because of the pocket was already formed from my previous breast surgery 35 years ago. But I almost doubled in size of implant from 226 to 520. My next visit to PS is in October at that time I will ask her. Be Patient always Good Luck Lovelies Huggs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  5. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Help - not happy with results

    Love just be patient, the girls will change a lot over the next weeks to come. Under the muscle I believe will take a little longer but it will be worth it. I had a revision on January 17, 2018 of 520 over the muscle. I suppose with this being a revision the girls fell into place much quicker. I measure in bra size in the states 38DDD. Everyone is different recovery, soreness, stingers, and drop and fluff. Just be patent they are going to look lovely. Huggs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  6. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    When did your stubborn side full drop into place ?

    Hey love, emilyxwagner your boobs look lovely you just need to give it more time, as the other ladies have said. I for one believe in the massaging of the breast, my hubby was so very helpful in leading his hands Hee Hee. My PS recommended the message not only to help with soreness, but also helping the girls to drop and be more natural looking. I can tell a tremendous difference each week with the way they have settled. I am 11 weeks PO today I go in for my follow up with the PS this morning. I just can't believe it has been 11 weeks. Just stay positive and be patient, it will all work out. Enjoy those girls of yours. Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  7. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Textured implants dropping/softening

    Hey Love totally agree with these ladies, on seeing your PS. I too have had a little pain in my right breast at times especially if I am lying on my right side. However it goes away, I agree it most likely the nerve endings that are still healing. I go in for my 3 month PO this coming Thursday and I will be sure and ask her. Have a blessed day, and enjoy your new girls Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  8. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Fluid under implant in ultrasound

    Hey Love so sorry to hear about your concerns. I had a ruptured silicon implant replaced on January 15, 2018. They found the possible ruptured when I had my mammogram, plus the ultrasound. My past implants were 35 years old when they were replaced. When PS began the removal there was also a small rupture in the other breast. Here in the States most PS recommend massaging the breast. Have you tried this? I pray they will find the cause and the cure. Huggs and kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  9. Lovely Lady I agree with Beautiful SabP and Lovely Wanting boobs. it is a little early and as they suggested take photos wearing the same bra or sports bra I believe is a must. So sorry concerning wearing the compression garment, I disliked this part of the PO. I know it very hard to want to see results but it will come. Good Luck what size implants di you receive, Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  10. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Botched ( TV show)

    Hey Hun also love the show here in the states plus on YouTube. You can see the older programs. Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  11. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    BA Nerves - Monday is my big day!

    Good Luck Love, the waiting is very hard but it will be worth all the waiting. Try not to worry thinking about all the negatives try and stay focused on those lovely girls that you will be getting. I am sure the PS and nursing staff will be awesome. Again I will be thinking of you next Monday and I pray all goes well. Huggs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  12. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    post op swimwear shopping fail !!

    Hey Love your new introduction boogie mates. Here in the states it is spring time with the trees just budding out but it a cold 31 degrees where I live in North Carolina. I too must go look at a new swim suit. I guess it is more exciting than bra shopping you have much more to look at colors, styles. Hubby want me to buy a bikini but I am a little old fashion. Once I joined this site and others concerning larger breast I started getting pop up on the computer concerning bathing suit for larger breasted women. Bare Necessities, Asos, all have some lovely swim suits. Both of these companies carry tops for us well endowed beautiful ladies. Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  13. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Teardrops or Rounds - risks versus aesthetics

    Hi Love I believe the round will be the best. You will look stunning. Good Luck
  14. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Under Bust Corset

    Ladies in answer to your questions the Corset is from Orchard Corset in Washington State on the West Coast. They are made extremely well my waist when I purchased them in 2014 was 33 inches the lady that I talked said the rule of thumb is you order a corset that is 3 to 4 inches smaller than your waist. She recommend me purchasing a 30 inches. Basically it is comfortable you begin wearing it moderately each day you increase the time worn. Each week I would tighten the laces after around 6 months I was able to almost close the back. The key to waist training is continual wearing the corset. There is no problem with the breathing, and it does give your back a lot of support. And yes if it isn't worn consistently the muscle relax and you will see a difference in the waist. Concerning is it the same as a waist trainer somewhat but construction and sex appeal is much greater. But what it does for your girls is incredible it pushes them up and out. I call it a posture corrector. A lady by the name of Penny Brown is one of the best known waist trainer believe it or not her profile says she is from Australia now living in Okinawa. You can read about her on the web. I go back to PS on April 15 and that time I am going to ask her if I can go back to wearing the corsets. I hope the information has helped you. This gives me the hour glass figure I once had. He Hw Hugs and Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
  15. PlatinumBlondeBoobs

    Under Bust Corset

    Hi Lovely just wanted to start a conversation on Under Bust Corsets. As for me I started at a moderate pace for waist training.around two years ago. Most definitely love the look and so does Hubby they truly reduce the waist line, and most definitely raise the girls up and out. I not really into tight lacing, as some ladies are here in the states and I most likely will never be, it just gives me the confidence of a smaller waist. My clothes fit better and the smaller waist is a huge plus. Be so pleased once I will be able to wear corset again 7 3/4 weeks PO. Feeling Blessed and Happy.