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  1. RubyJadeDiamond

    Lets talk...

    Boob greed happens to the best of us! I'm nearly 6 months post op with 755cc anatomicals and I am experiencing it! Although I'm extremely happy with the size and shape, if there had been an option to go bigger (755cc was the largest size in the anatomical range), I probably would have wished I had taken it.
  2. RubyJadeDiamond

    Overwhelmed with options

    Highly recommend staying in Australia to get it done, as the above lovely ladies said. These days the surgery in Australia with a reputable plastic surgeon doesn't cost the earth, and realistically for the small amount of extra you may pay, the benefit of having your surgeon close by in case something happened or there were complications is absolutely invaluable. There's lots of very well reviewed and talented surgeons here in Melbourne/Victoria. If you do a little search in this forum you will find countless threads for Melbourne/Vic surgeons and many glowing reviews. With size and shape options, I felt the same as you - overwhelmed by choice and what will be best for me. It's great to do your own research, but I found the thing that helped me the most was actually booking that first consultation for my surgeon. I told him exactly the type of size and shape of breasts I wanted, and he recommended based on his vast experience. He actually recommended the complete opposite shape I was thinking, and a much bigger size! In the end, I'm so so grateful that I went with his recommendation, because he gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. So I guess my advice is to maybe focus on plastic surgeons and when you find one you like the results for, go see them. Tell them the result you want and listen carefully to their recommendations and reasonings behind them. Consults are no pressure and no obligation, so you can go home afterward and do the research on their recommendations and see if they're right for you.
  3. RubyJadeDiamond

    Melbourne Breast Aug Surgeon Recommendations?

    Hi Stephanie, My surgeon was Dr Richard Rahdon, who operates out of Geelong (easy drive from Melbourne). I highly recommend him. He did a great job with my boobs and gave me exactly the look I asked him for. My scars look fantastic 5 months out, and him and his staff are very friendly and approachable. He's a qualified plastic surgeon and operates out of the St John of God Day Hopsital in Geelong, which was really lovely. His prices are reasonable too.
  4. I have high projection full height teardrops in 755cc. I'm around 5 months post op. At first I was a bit nervous about my surgeon recommending the full height, as I am not tall (5'3) and I am a curvier girl but certainly dont have a wide or long chest. I was worried I'd have boobs up to my chin. However, I absolutely love the result. The full height has given me some extra fullness in the upper part of my boobs, but not in an unnatural way. They dont have the roundness of a round implant, but I feel like they look super natural and full in a lower cut top.
  5. RubyJadeDiamond

    Leaving size of implants decision to ps

    If you've been honest with your surgeon on your expectations and hopes for the augmentation, and trust your surgeon to make the right choice for you, go for it. I left the choice to my surgeon after thoroughly discussing my expectations and wants with him. He was left to choose between 680 and 755s. He ended up putting the 755s in and I honestly couldn't be happier with his choice. He gave me exactly the shape and size I asked for.
  6. RubyJadeDiamond


    I have twitchy boobs too. Any time I push down with my arms (and I'm using my chest muscles rather than arm muscles) my boobs do the Arnold Schwarzenegger pec bounce!
  7. RubyJadeDiamond

    Same size clothes after BA?

    I got 755ccs 3 months ago and went from a small 14C to a 14F. I still fit into almost all of my clothes with no issues. The only things that don't quite fit (or are significantly tighter) are my fit and flare dresses. They have absolutely no stretch in the fabric and were already quite tight on my upper half pre surgery due to the style of cut. However, only 1 absolutely doesn't fit anymore. The rest are just a lot tighter! I'm sure you'll be just fine!
  8. RubyJadeDiamond

    Newbie! Getting my new boobs in December

    Hi Ally, Unfortunately I can't help you with your fitness questions, but I have 755cc implants (3 months post op) and I have no problems with sleeping without a bra at all. I flop around like a fish at night (side, stomach and back sleeper) and I honestly haven't had any pain, discomfort or 'weird' feelings. Sleeping on my stomach took a little bit to get used to, but now it's no problems whatsoever. I haven't worn a bra to bed since my surgeon gave me the all clear to nix it if I wanted to at 6 weeks post op.
  9. RubyJadeDiamond

    Big bras

    I can second this! At the moment I'm either a 14F or a 16E depending on the comfort of the band, and I picked up a nice basic black balconette Emerson bra in 16E for only $5. It's crazy comfy, fits well and gives my boobs great shape! Highly recommend!
  10. RubyJadeDiamond

    CC size question

    I have 755cc implants and my boobs are not 'huge' by any means. No one I worked with even noticed I had an augmentation except for those I told beforehand! I'm 5'3 and I'm not a super tiny girl in weight, but the 755s have evened out my chest to hip ratio, that's it. So I definitely dont think that 400ccs are large implants!
  11. RubyJadeDiamond

    Allergen Microcell round breast implants

    Hey there! Sorry to hear that you are feeling so anxious about your textured anatomicals. I have them myself and I was told by my surgeon that ALCL is extremely rare, but for people that have been diagnosed it is fairly easily treated by removal of the implants. Also my surgeon used the keller funnel method which, as a poster says above, lowers the risk even further. I feel myself that the risks you put yourself under by undergoing another surgery to remove and replace your implants would far outweigh the risks stemming from possibly developing ALCL, but that's just my opinion. Maybe you could read up some literature regarding this disease and the realistic numbers and risks of developing it-- there's heaps of info online and it might assist to assuage your anxiety. If you are adamant on removing yours and going to rounds, you should do smooth rounds. I believe the small risk of developing ALCL occurs in all textured implants, not just textured anatomicals.
  12. RubyJadeDiamond

    Push up bras

    Hey! My surgeon's office also said its business as usual after 6 weeks for me. I haven't worn a push up yet at 2.5 months but I couldn't see it negatively impacting my implants -- they're fairly squishy. Maybe give your surgeon's office a call and see what they recommend?
  13. RubyJadeDiamond

    Did you choose smooth round or textured anatomicals?

    Heya! I have textured anatomicals under the muscle (Mentor Cohesive III gel 755ccs high projection), they're the firmest of the Mentor range. I'm currently 9 weeks post-op. Bearing in mind that I am a bigger girl and already had a little bit of tissue to begin with, I'm pleasantly surprised with how mine are softening up. They move quite naturally and have softened and dropped a lot in the last few weeks. I'm actually loving the shape and I feel they look a bit more natural and are continuing to do so with every passing week. When I first got them done they were major frankenboob and looked like huge, rock-hard pecs, but they're developing into a beautiful naturally rounded shape with a full lower pole. I had some crazy upper pole in the first few weeks, but this has dropped away as the lower pole developed. They feel quite natural to me and although you can definitely notice the implant, they squish well and definitely don't feel like rocks! I can't wait to see how they're going to look and feel in a few months time! I think it really just depends on the person's anatomy and preferences, and I think the best person to guide you based on your wants will be your plastic surgeon. Mine is quite known for preferring smooth rounds and he recommended the textured anatomicals to me and I couldn't he happier. Definitely have a chat with them about what you're after -- they know what they're doing and I don't think their recommendation will steer you wrong!
  14. RubyJadeDiamond

    Help - not happy with results

    I promise you that you can't tell even close to what your final result will be at 6 days. I'm 7 weeks post op with 755ccs (I have similar stats to you) and my boobs looked like big hard pecs for about 3 weeks. They had a funny curve, were up around my collarbone and looked horrible. Now at 7 weeks they look and feel nothing like they did back then, and even mine have a long way to go yet! Give them time and be patient, I promise you that as they heal and the weeks go past, they will look better and better. If you'd like to see my 1 Week vs 7 week s, just pm me!
  15. RubyJadeDiamond

    Motiva Implant s

    I don't have Motivas, but I'm 6 weeks post op with Mentor cohesive III anatomicals in 755cc. I was pretty nervous going in that they were going to be so firm and ridiculous looking, particularly in such a large size in comparison to what people might normally get with the cohesive III gel. However, I've been pleasantly surprised at how soft they've gotten in the last 2 weeks. They still have quite a way to go, but they're already softening up so much and to me they feel relatively natural. Bear in mind that I am a bigger girl and had a bit more tissue in the breast area going in, so this might contribute to my early positive results with the cohesive gel. However, I cant wait to see what they look like at 6 months post op and further!