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  1. Heya, I had implants on the bigger side (755cc) under the muscle as my first surgery. I felt the worst for around 4 days after the surgery. Day 1 and 2 I was sore and stiff, no movement in my upper arms at all and I felt tired and very tight. The pain wasn't unbearable, just very uncomfortable, like how you feel when you overdo chest exercises (multiplied by about 50) Day 3 and 4 I was extremely nauseous and vomiting, and to be honest that was way worse than the pain. I felt the worst during these days as I was running out of strong pain meds and trying to make them last. In reality
  2. I went from a B to an E and all of my clothes fit, albeit a little differently. I think there's only 1 or 2 items of clothing I can't wear anymore as they have no stretch and were already tight fitting in the bust.
  3. I have the 755cc teardrops-- I got them with Richard a bit over 6 months ago (I believe they're the largest size in the Mentor teardrops). I am absolutely in love with them. The size is great (a little bit bigger would have been perfect ?) and the shape is even better! Honestly, I'm really happy with how they turned out.
  4. Richard Rahdon is my surgeon and I couldn't be happier-- I'm sure you'll have the same experience! Good luck!
  5. Heya, I'm not as tall as you (only 5"3!) But I'm a curvier girl. Size 14, smaller on top. I got 755cc anatomicals and I'm so so happy with the results. I originally went in to the surgeon hoping for 450-500 (knowing how conservative they can be) and it was actually my surgeon that recommended the larger size. He said my curvier frame, teamed with my very broad chest, meant that he was almost certain I wouldn't get the 'in proportion' figure I wanted with anything less that 700cc. So glad I trusted his opinion because he literally gave me exactly the look I wanted. I've gone from
  6. I took my leave off as sick leave. I was actually going to take it as annual leave when my boss insisted that I put it through as sick leave(she was very on board and supportive). I told HR that I was having surgery. They're really not entitled to ask you the nature of your surgery, as far as I'm aware. In terms of my medical certificate, my surgeon wrote that I was having a surgical procedure and was unfit to complete my duties in the specified days. That's all he wrote. Usually they dont specify on your certificate what your surgery is for, and if you wanted to be discrete I'm sure you
  7. I'm nearly 6 months post op, and at around 3 months they were quite squishy. I can definitely push them together, and I get mad cleavage in most bras. I am a bigger girl so I had a bit of natural tissue to work with, but honestly, I feel like mine look totally natural and feel quite natural too.
  8. I wore a pair of loose track pants, slip on shoes and a zip up hoodie to my surgery. I wore a tshirt underneath on the way there, then just had the zip up hoodie on the way home. I didn't have too much trouble dressing myself in this when I was leaving, but I was still quite numb from the local anaesthetic and loopy from the general so wasn't really feeling major pain. For the next few days I basically wore either the same tracksuit pants or my loose pyjama pants and zip up hoodies. My husband had to help me a little bit in getting dressed for the first 2 days, but I was okay after that.
  9. Hiya, I didn't go with either of these surgeons (I went with Richard Rahdon in Geelong and am extremely happy), but I have heard positive things about both. If you search the forums for their names I'm sure there are many people here who have written about their experiences with them!
  10. Boob greed happens to the best of us! I'm nearly 6 months post op with 755cc anatomicals and I am experiencing it! Although I'm extremely happy with the size and shape, if there had been an option to go bigger (755cc was the largest size in the anatomical range), I probably would have wished I had taken it.
  11. Highly recommend staying in Australia to get it done, as the above lovely ladies said. These days the surgery in Australia with a reputable plastic surgeon doesn't cost the earth, and realistically for the small amount of extra you may pay, the benefit of having your surgeon close by in case something happened or there were complications is absolutely invaluable. There's lots of very well reviewed and talented surgeons here in Melbourne/Victoria. If you do a little search in this forum you will find countless threads for Melbourne/Vic surgeons and many glowing reviews. With size and
  12. Hi Stephanie, My surgeon was Dr Richard Rahdon, who operates out of Geelong (easy drive from Melbourne). I highly recommend him. He did a great job with my boobs and gave me exactly the look I asked him for. My scars look fantastic 5 months out, and him and his staff are very friendly and approachable. He's a qualified plastic surgeon and operates out of the St John of God Day Hopsital in Geelong, which was really lovely. His prices are reasonable too.
  13. I have twitchy boobs too. Any time I push down with my arms (and I'm using my chest muscles rather than arm muscles) my boobs do the Arnold Schwarzenegger pec bounce!
  14. I got 755ccs 3 months ago and went from a small 14C to a 14F. I still fit into almost all of my clothes with no issues. The only things that don't quite fit (or are significantly tighter) are my fit and flare dresses. They have absolutely no stretch in the fabric and were already quite tight on my upper half pre surgery due to the style of cut. However, only 1 absolutely doesn't fit anymore. The rest are just a lot tighter! I'm sure you'll be just fine!
  15. Hi Ally, Unfortunately I can't help you with your fitness questions, but I have 755cc implants (3 months post op) and I have no problems with sleeping without a bra at all. I flop around like a fish at night (side, stomach and back sleeper) and I honestly haven't had any pain, discomfort or 'weird' feelings. Sleeping on my stomach took a little bit to get used to, but now it's no problems whatsoever. I haven't worn a bra to bed since my surgeon gave me the all clear to nix it if I wanted to at 6 weeks post op.
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