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  1. Elle Anderson

    Bit deflated....emotionally not my boobs lol

    I'm also quite slim with low body fat, also went from an A to a C. My natural 'gap' before BA I thought was just because I pretty much had a flat chest! So I didn't realize I would have a gap after surgery. My implants were the biggest that would fit (width-wise) and I can't get cleavage either, even in a push-up bra. After 12 weeks they were pretty much in the same position they are now and have just become softer over time (Im 3+ years post-op now.). I have furries and my surgeon told me they don't D & F in the same way, so yours probably still have changes to come. Hopefully you will notice a reduction in your gap, it might just need a little more time xx
  2. Elle Anderson

    saline or silicone

    Medical-grade silicone is an inert (non-reactive) substance, even if the implant does rupture, there seems to be little-to-no evidence that the silicone gel will cause health issues beyond possible changes to the local tissue. The thicker consistency of gel used in modern implants also means it is less likely to migrate beyond the capsule. Answers from two surgeons: No medical device or implant in the history of this country and in the history of Medicine has been more extensively scrutinized more than breast implants, especially silicone filled breast implants. They have been more closely studied than heart valves, pacemakers, artificial joints or blood vessels, shunts etc. The overwhelming consensus has been that silicone ( a polymer of Silicon and Oxygen Si-O2-Si-O2 similar to glass) is inert. By itself, it does NOT cause fevers, autoimmune responses, cancer or swollen lymph nodes. When silicone gel leaks out of the silicone breast shell it may cause vague, if any symptoms, and may cause an increased scarring around the implant but this is not always the case. In many cases, the only way to actually diagnose a leaking silicone gel implant is with a MRI scan. When the body reacts with fever, chills and other symptoms you may have a secondary infection of the implant which is causing the symptoms. Silicone gel implants have been extensively studied. The synopsis of the data indicate that leaked silicone gel does not cause systemic disease reactions (ie. does not cause lupus, autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc.). What is less clear is the impact upon local tissue. Silicone gel ruptures have been reported to instigate foreign body reactions such as granulomas in breast tissue and effusions within the capsule, however this may be due to the trace elements within the silicone gel itself. Also, the published reports of these reactions typically involve earlier generations of silicone gel implants which contained a less-cohesive, lower viscosity gel. This gel was capable of migrating through the capsule more easily. Today's cohesive gel implants contain gel that is much less likely to migrate. In essence, if a person is experiencing redness, swelling, or pain, the concern is more likely for an infection or a capsular contracture than from a leakage of silicone gel. https://www.realself.com/question/bodys-reaction-leaking-silicone-implant A study on silicone gel ruptures: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15220594
  3. Around 2 weeks seems to be the time to get 'out and about', after swelling and bruising has diminished: https://www.8west.ca/rhinoplasty/how-much-time-should-i-take-off-work-for-rhinoplasty/ Not to discourage you from going overseas but I do agree with the others about follow-up. That is one of the main reasons why I chose to have my surgery locally. Unfortunately, not having your surgeon close by in case of a later complication is the trade-off of having your surgery performed overseas.
  4. Elle Anderson

    Wide gap

    I'm so sorry to hear about your CC, and I'm hoping your revision will get it all fixed and close the gap a bit. Sometimes the surgeon can 'over-dissect' the breast pockets to give you more cleavage. Fat grafting sounds like an option to look into too. Best of luck xx
  5. Elle Anderson

    At home dermal rolling question

    Hi Pink Butterfly, Paula Begoun is a leading expert on skin and has been in the skincare industry for over 35 years. Her website is my go-to for skincare advice, I trust her because she references actual scientific studies when writing about an ingredient or cosmetic procedure. Paula has formulated her own line of skincare (Paula's Choice), but she also talks about and recommends other brands. She has even written entire books devoted to reviewing other brands and discussing which ingredients are helpful to the skin and which are harmful. I used to derma roll until I read about her ideas on derma rolling at home, basically it could do more harm than good: "The major question we’re asked is whether or not at-home microneedling devices actually work. There’s just very little unbiased research showing positive results and the risk is what happens when you overuse the device, which is so easy to do. Repeatedly injuring the skin is a bad thing, even though you might not see it because it is below the skin surface, and the tendency with devices like this is if a little bit is good, then more must be better." https://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/skincare-advice/basic-skin-care-tips/what-is-microneedling.html On the Paula's Choice Facebook page: "...there is no research proving that dermal rollers produce results better than lasers or what’s possible from using a well-formulated skin-care routine" https://www.facebook.com/PaulasChoice.Inc/posts/10150910643454004 In another interview she gets a bit more heated on the subject: "It’s damaging. Repeatedly wounding the skin does not generate collagen. It generates scar tissue. If you use it once a month, it may not give you an issue, but a lot of people are using it on a regular basis, using at-home kits. Over time, it ends up stiffening the skin. It does not give you supple, pliable, beautiful skin and it damages elastin. And elastin doesn’t rebuild. It is very hard, if not impossible, to rebuild elastin. Dermal rollers are terrible. They are physiologically bad for skin." https://www.carolinehirons.com/2015/05/meeting-paula-begoun.html I tend to take her word as gospel, but I recommend you do your own research too xx
  6. Elle Anderson

    How did you choose your surgeon?

    I made appointments with two different surgeons and was considering a third. However, after I met with the first surgeon I knew he was the one. He was very attentive and really listened, it might sound mad but I felt like he cared about my well-being and getting a great result. He even said I should get a second or third opinion so that I felt comfortable I was choosing the right person for the job. I didn't feel the need, he was qualified and experienced and ticked all the boxes. The PS I chose was also local (I wanted to recover at home with no travel to worry about) and around the median price point.
  7. Elle Anderson

    Breast augmentation and the Dentist

    Hmm... this is very interesting. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out (2 years after implants), my dentist told me that the operation would introduce no more bacteria into the bloodstream than flossing, and that he didn't prescribe antibiotics to take beforehand as a preventative. This was in relation to infective endocarditis, a potentially life-threatening infection of the heart. If having wisdom teeth removed introduces no more bacteria than flossing, surely a teeth cleaning is safe? Come to think of it I actually had my teeth cleaned the same week as my BA. I remember being in my post-op bra and wondering if my hygienist would notice my new additions! If I had known about the link with CC I might have rescheduled. I found this on one surgeon's site: Capsular contracture does not always start soon after surgery. It might start months or even several years after surgery. So, there must be some other causes that happen after surgery. A bacteremia means “bacteria in the blood stream”. Occasionally bacteria can get into our blood streams. We have white cells in the blood poised to kill those bacteria off. This usually works amazingly well. The bacteria are killed off and we know nothing about it. We remain well and are not aware of this happening. However, the theory is that some or even just one bacteria might escape the white cells and land on the scar capsule, where there is not much blood, and it can remain safe and multiply and form a biofilm, which will lead to capsular contracture. So, how do bacteria get into the blood stream and how often does this occur? The answer again is “We are not sure”. We do know that whenever we have dental treatments, especially teeth cleaning, that a brief bacteremia occurs. So, it seems prudent to avoid non-emergency dental care for a period of time after surgery while healing is taking place. Dr. Silverton suggests two (2) months, but any time is just a guess. Whenever dental treatment is required it seems like a good idea to give one great big dose of antibiotics to you just before your treatment to try to help the white cells do their job of killing off any bacteria. There is no proof that this works. It just seems like a good idea. How long should you do this for? Probably as long as you have breast implants. However, this might not be the only time that a bacteremia occurs. Perhaps it can occur with any infection, cold, urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection or simply a pimple. It is not possible to give you an antibiotic for everything. So maybe this explains how capsular contractures occur a long time after the surgery. Many times there is nothing that the patient can think of that happened before the onset of capsular contracture. http://www.silvertonmd.com/dealing-with-capsular-contracture/ I don't like the idea of taking antibiotics willy nilly, they have far-reaching effects beyond just prevention and can cause great damage to the gut microbiome, where 80% of our immune system resides. Then again, no one wants capsular contracture... Would be helpful to know if this is a cause or merely correlation.
  8. Elle Anderson

    Post 1year tummy tuck and BA review

    I can see it now but it is very faint and thin, looks like you took great care of your scar. Which silicone gel did you use?
  9. Agree on not caring what others think! Although I personally decided not to tell most of my friends and family, no one apart from one of my close friends has commented. I just tell her I'm wearing a padded bra I went from an A to a C, so I don't think going from a B to a C will draw too much attention. At the end of the day what matters is you feeling comfortable in your body, so if that's what you want to do then don't let the opinions of others hold you back. xx
  10. There are so many factors that go into healing and recovery, but if I could only pick one I would have to say patience (like everyone else has mentioned!). It's all about attitude and you have to keep a positive mindset. You are making a change to your body, having surgery is going to take a toll mentally as well as physically. It takes time to feel 'normal' again and you will experience ups and downs before you get there. I remember feeling very frustrated at times with how slow I was healing, even though my surgeon told me I was making great progress. I went through post-op blues and beat myself up for how I was feeling instead of just accepting it as a temporary state of mind. Not saying everyone will go through this, but it is good to know what to expect. So yes, patience and kindness with yourself and keep looking ahead xx
  11. Elle Anderson

    Revision to go larger?

    Sometimes I get boobie greed too. I'm also a C cup like Pink Butterfly, at times I wish I was a D but then I think anything much larger on my frame would look make me look too top-heavy. Having had textured implants, it has taken 2+ years for them to soften to the point they are now, I'm not sure I would want to go back to square 1 as for a while they were quite firm. I also worry about developing more scar tissue with a revision.
  12. Elle Anderson

    Why did you decide to get plastic surgery?

    Great question, I find it really interesting to hear about people's reasons for getting plastic surgery. I love reading success stories of how others increased their confidence and now feel great about how they look (: For me, I had always had a flat chest and I felt like something was missing. I remember the first few times my boyfriend saw me in a bra and I felt so self-conscious, my chest was pretty much as flat as his! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this, all body shapes are beautiful, but for me personally I just always knew I wanted a fuller bust. Nothing crazy, just to have something there - now I feel balanced. I also felt the taboo surrounding surgery, the perception that if you get implants it makes you fake and plastic. But my 'fake' boobs just feel like a natural part of me and now I can't imagine them not there. There are only a couple of people in my life that know I have them, I still feel like I would be judged if I was to tell all my friends and family. I'm not sure if I ever will - maybe in 10 years! xx
  13. Elle Anderson

    Breast augmentation and the Dentist

    Wow thank you for this, I didn't know that bacterial infection was a possible contributor to capsular contracture! I don't believe taking antibiotics in the days leading up to surgery would prevent a bacterial infection, abx would need to be taken straight after surgery instead to kill any foreign bacteria that made it into the breast pocket either on the implant or by some other means. But please correct me if I am wrong. Bacteria exist inside our bodies as well, I suppose it would be possible for our 'native' bacteria to form a biofilm on the implant and cause inflammation. Since you've already had your implants in for over 3 months I would say that taking antibiotics before your filling wouldn't have a negative effect. But best to check with your dentist and surgeon, let us know what they say xx
  14. Elle Anderson

    Post 1year tummy tuck and BA review

    Hi Sylve - you look amazing!!! Even staring closely at my screen I can't see any sign of a scar! Your surgeon did a beautiful job xx
  15. Elle Anderson

    Bras for anatomical implants

    I'm over 3 years post-op and I still wear wire-free most days! I just find them so comfortable. Myer has quite a nice range of wire-free, one of my go-to's is the Chloe & Lola brand: https://international.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/bras/pure-basics-wirefree-bra-uclw17165-480004390-480001870 Simple and comfy without being too granny-ish They also have some cute lacey ones. BNT is a favourite also. Hope you find something you like! Elle xx