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    Dr Tavakoli
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    156cm/50 kilos/non-exsistent boobs!
  1. New girls for March 18 💖

    Hi loves! Thought I'd reach out to my March girls! I'm booked in for my "mini boob job" with Dr Tavakoli in Sydney for the 26th and I've been counting down the days until surgery for months! I'm approx. 155cm and 49 kilos and we're thinking 250cc... I AM SOOO EXCITED Any other March girls around? Would love to follow you on your journey
  2. Mini Boob Job Girs

    I actually just found Dina's page this morning and my mind is completely eased now! She looks absolutely fantastic! Would be over the moon if my girls looked like that post op My surgery is booked in for the end of March so i'll let you know how it turns out!
  3. Mini Boob Job Girs

    Thanks everyone. I definitely think I’ll go back and have my surgeon ease my mind! I think I’m just worried because it sounds so small. Good luck with your surgery on Monday Girl1999! Would love to hear how it goes once it’s all done
  4. Mini Boob Job Girs

    Hi loves, I’m hoping to hear from some small implant ladies! I had my pre-op consult today and my surgeon and I have decided that 250cc looks perfect on my body. I am super small; 155cm and 49 kilos and I don’t know my bra size because I only wear bralettes. He believes that should take me to a full C cup/small D cup but I’m feeling slightly apprehensive. I’m probably being silly but I feel like it’s such a small implant that you won’t even notice! Any petite, small implant girls want to put my mind at ease please 😊 Pictures of a 250cc implant post op would be amazing!