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    330cc Dual Plane Anatomical Implants
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    Dr Tavakoli
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    156cm/50 kilos/non-exsistent boobs!

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  1. Hi loves! I'm just over 2 weeks post op and I am absolutely obsessed with my new girls. Dr Tav. did an unbelievable job and recovery has been an absolute breeze! My birthday is coming up in just under 2 weeks time and I'm wanting to tan before the celebrations begin. I'll obviously cover my scars (I read using liners ensures the tan doesn't seep through) and I use a mouse so I can easily manipulate where I apply the tan but in terms of scrubbing it off, did any girls find it difficult to remove their tans post op as I'm unsure i'll be wanting to use an exfoliating mitt on my girls yet
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses! I think it was definitely the Endos as I only took half of one on my first day and the rash came out and I haven’t taken one since and I’ve been fine! ❤️
  3. Hi loves! I had my surgery yesterday and everything went fantastic! Couldn't be happier at the moment and I can tell I am going to have an amazing outcome once the girls drop and fluff! I'm expercing slight discomfort but I am surprisingly able to be quite mobile in terms of picking up things, washing myself, dressing myself etc. so I'm super lucky! Just a slight concern; I have developed a red rash on the top half of my arms which resembles a sunburn and is radiating heat. It is also somewhat across my torso. I'm not sure if this could be a mild reaction to the antibiotics I'm taking or what but I just thought I'd check in to see if anyone else experienced this a few days post op I've emailed my nurse so I'm sure she'll respond first thing in the morning but I just wanted to ease my mind for now xxx
  4. Thanks so much guys. This has eased my mind so incredibly much and helped me to know I'm not going crazy! I'll make sure to post my before and afters and keep everyone updated <3 I really appreciate you all sharing your experiences. @TheFox the fact he tries so many sizers on was a huge reason I chose Dr Tav! He's actually thinking I'll end up with around 280cc but I will make sure I let you know what he ends up choosing and send some pics through! The end of the year will come around so quickly! @Girl1999 thank you so much for sharing that point as one of my main concerns has been the anesthetic!
  5. Hi guys ? I’m going in for my surgery on Monday with Dr Tav and I am so nervous!! I have been so incredibly excited (and I obviously still am) but all of the sudden my anxiety has peaked, and I keep thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the surgery and if I’ll wake up and hate what I look like with boobs! I sound ridiculous :S I know I’ve chosen one of the best surgeons and I’ve done my research and have been wanting this operation for years so I shouldn’t be freaking out as I’m in great hands! Please tell me it’s common to be anxious and that this feeling goes away :S xx
  6. Hi loves Does anyone have a BA Instagram account where they post pictures of their progress? I love seeing everyones post op progression and have created my own account so I can share my journey as well... 18 days left till surgery!!
  7. Hi loves! Thought I'd reach out to my March girls! I'm booked in for my "mini boob job" with Dr Tavakoli in Sydney for the 26th and I've been counting down the days until surgery for months! I'm approx. 155cm and 49 kilos and we're thinking 250cc... I AM SOOO EXCITED Any other March girls around? Would love to follow you on your journey
  8. I actually just found Dina's page this morning and my mind is completely eased now! She looks absolutely fantastic! Would be over the moon if my girls looked like that post op My surgery is booked in for the end of March so i'll let you know how it turns out!
  9. Thanks everyone. I definitely think I’ll go back and have my surgeon ease my mind! I think I’m just worried because it sounds so small. Good luck with your surgery on Monday Girl1999! Would love to hear how it goes once it’s all done
  10. Hi loves, I’m hoping to hear from some small implant ladies! I had my pre-op consult today and my surgeon and I have decided that 250cc looks perfect on my body. I am super small; 155cm and 49 kilos and I don’t know my bra size because I only wear bralettes. He believes that should take me to a full C cup/small D cup but I’m feeling slightly apprehensive. I’m probably being silly but I feel like it’s such a small implant that you won’t even notice! Any petite, small implant girls want to put my mind at ease please ? Pictures of a 250cc implant post op would be amazing!
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