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  1. Hello everyone, I'm scheduled to have my breast implants removed. We decided to get a lift at the same time as explant but unfortunately due to my partner being off work for his own surgery, we can't get finance for the amount needed to explant and lift. At the time of I consulted with a surgeon I was breastfeeding and the second time I was almost finished weaning. So since stopping and having my milk dry up, my breasts have changed again! I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I could get away without lifting? Will they look ok without it? I was a B cup before implants and a DD now with silicone subglandular implants. I'm worried about significant sagging and loose skin especially after having and feeding 3 children since getting the implants. I don't want to have to cancel the date because of painful contracture, these things need to come out.. but I don't want to go ahead and explant only if I'll need to pay and go under for surgery again to lift if I end up looking a mess. Anyway, I would appreciate some input. Thank you!
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