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  1. cm29

    Boob greed

    Glad I’m not the only one can’t wait to go bigger but I’ll give it a few years until after kids cause I’m only 20. I think 2 boob jobs this young is too much 😂
  2. cm29

    Boob greed

    How many of you have had a revision to get bigger boobs. I had surgery in February and got 325cc and I love them but I want them bigger already! How common is it for you to have revision surgery because you wish you went bigger
  3. cm29


    Omg me too it’s happening right now
  4. cm29

    I think I chose the wrong size

    I feel the same I wish I hadve gone bigger still. Next time will definitely go bigger
  5. cm29

    Dropping faster then the other

    Thank you so much ladies ❤️ Good to hear I’m not the only one 🤗 @sabP @Wanting boobs @Teardrops
  6. 3 months 19 days PO one dropping quicker than the other since op day. Is this normal? Will they even out? One was always slightly bigger than the other but I still got the same CC in each breast because it was hardly noticeable. Someone shed light for me
  7. cm29

    When did yours drop?

    They are always bigger straight after surgery because they were so swollen so now the swelling has gone down they will look smaller. My surgeon said that’s most of his patients biggest let down because they get used to how big they are with swelling
  8. cm29

    Push up bras

    Push up bras after BA? Is this okay or will it distort the shape and placement of my implant almost 3 months PO
  9. cm29

    Moderate Plus or HP

    My surgeon was very honest after measuring me up he gave me the option of 295cc or 325cc I wanted to go as big as I could without looking stupid and quote what he said “325 is not too big for you it will just give you more side boob” now two and a half months in I have great clevage and side boob with more results to show. however I got round implants because my upper pole was extremely flat so I needed to get round to give me that upper pole projection. I got 325cc textured silicone high profile Natrelle implants. Height: 168cm weight: 58kg and I think my BWD: 11.5 i was a small 10B now Full 10DD
  10. cm29

    Tanning Time!

    I tanned after like 6 weeks only because I was waiting for a special occasion, found it hard to really scrub off an old tan before I retanned because I still felt bit funny but you'll be fine
  11. cm29

    Lounge Underwear UK brand????

    Haven’t had them before but heard they are very comfy and good quality. Thinking of getting some myself
  12. cm29


    Especially if you have under the muscle it is more likely to push them out of place and create a larger gap. Resistance booty bands are fabulous I’ve gone back to training starting with light cardio machines and resistance band exercises
  13. cm29


    I read somewhere definitely no push ups for at least a year and someone else said forever if you can avoid it.
  14. cm29

    BA Instagram Accounts

    Yay I tried to follow some but failed a lot of people post in albums on here tho
  15. cm29

    Cosmetic Evolution (TCI) Dr Lee

    Not sure about dr lee but dr Kenny is amazing.