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  1. Please please don't get liposuction done in Thailand . 2 of my friends had it done in Bangkok and end up with unevenness and lumps . One went back for correctional surgery and ended even worse . I think a surgeon need to be artistic to do liposuction .
  2. If you are looking for plastic surgeon for liposuction then it is either Dr. Boyle or Dr. Kennedy . Both been doing it for a long time . From my research , most plastic surgeons don't like doing liposuction. Cosmetic surgeons seems to be better at doing liposuction.
  3. I heard that Dr. Miroshnik is good at breast but is he good at liposuction ? How much did he quote you for lipo and how many areas ?
  4. Bre


    Hi , I am keen of having Laser Liposuction done but concern about loose skin . I have lost weight but still have some pockets of stubborn fat. Do you think laser liposuction will help? Hope you don't mind me asking how much did it cost ??
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