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  1. Hey Pink I'm booked in with Dr Briggs! Well not for my BA (not yet!) but I'm booked in for my first consultation! I'm so excited. Being booked in now makes it all feel like it's all really happening :D Someone commented in one of the threads that you should wear a non padded bra to the consult & a tight fitting shirt for trying on the implants. But does he just go by the computer imaging? I'm bringing a friend with me. She was 8D/8DD before she fell pregnant & has giving me insight on what life is like at that size. Now that hers have ballooned to an E/F cup she's very keen to come, since she wants to 'Lift the girls back up where they belong' after she's had her babies :p I'm still thinking I'd like to aim for a C cup, but I'll see what Dr Briggs thinks is right for my frame. Do you have any other tips from your consult? I'm hoping for late Aug/early Sept Booking :D xx