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  1. You sound similar to me when I got implants, though I didn't research it much beforehand because my surgeon told me there was no evidence of it and I didn't want to read stories that would worry me even if they weren't true. Of course some people are going to get sick after getting implants because they would have anyway, but it is so much more than that. So many people have them, they have been around for years, they must be fine or they wouldn't be allowed to use them. I got the new smooth Motiva ones because they were safe. Even the FDA acknowledges it is real now. The best thing to do would be to talk to a surgeon that performs alot of explant surgery and see how common it is. I got so many symptoms only 6 weeks after I had a revision. Strange electrical shocks/ tingles throughout my body, burning sensations, really heavy brain fog, periods all over the place (often every 12 days), vision deteriorated overnight. Not normal at all. Had absolutely no problems prior to implants. If you get them just make sure you have enough money to get them out too, though it can still take years for your body to heal and symptoms to go away even once they are out. Its not worth the risk. Biggest mistake I've ever made and I would love to save someone else from making it too. Hopefully you wont be as unlucky as me and you might get 10 good years out of implants before the silicone leeches and spreads through your body. My implants were in perfect condition when they came out and still caused so many symptoms. I wish you all the best.
  2. Please be aware of the risks of breast implant illness before you get implants. I only had implants a year and ended up with autoimmune issues that are very common with breast implants. It is really not worth the risk. Maybe consider a fat transfer if you really want to do something. Please join the bii facebook aust & nz page and you will see just how many women have had similar symptoms, often debilitating and are getting their implants removed.
  3. Stemschicky - I had to get a revision after 10 months due to movement. It was straight after this revision that I started getting symptoms of Breast Implant Illness. This seems to be common when the implant is removed and the capsule surrounding it is disturbed and left inside of you. If you do want to get them replaced at least make sure they also remove the capsule to reduce the chance of illness. I'm getting mine out in 3 weeks and wont be replacing. Three surgeries in 1 year and never got to enjoy having boobs!
  4. Regret it now that I have breast implant illness... getting them out asap
  5. I have just booked in for an explant after having a revision 2 months ago due to movement. I first got implants last May. It's not worth it. I've been feeling tingling all through my body and light headed and I cant think properly. I wish I had looked further into breast implant illness before I went ahead. It is so wrong that surgeons don't tell you the risks. They tell you silicone is inert, but they dont tell you it is heavy metals that make the silicone cohesive and that when they remove peoples implants after less than 10 years they are seeping. People have silicone in their lymph nodes. Please join a bii facebook group and see how many people have similar symptoms and how most are resolved after implant removal. This was an almost $30K mistake for me!! I hope I can save someone else from it. I was the same as you, unhappy with my small empty breasts after breastfeeding.
  6. If I get the revision within a year of my surgery he doesn't charge anything, but will still be up for the implant costs and hospital fees, anesthetist, which is why I'm considering it soon!
  7. I went to see my surgeon and he confirmed that me left breast has moved outward. I think I will have surgery to fix it and get slightly larger implants while I do. He also said he can add some stitches on the outsides to prevent them from moving outwards again. And I should lay off the push-ups obviously. I don't think the bonyness will be so obvious if the breasts are closer together like they should be. Must have been fate telling me to have surgery again knowing I wanted bigger boobs! Just not sure when I'm going to be able to fit it in though, I don't really want to do it over summer....
  8. Thanks for replying. Maybe I have been doing the wrong exercises and pushed them out a bit. What exercises should I be avoiding? I wasn't told to avoid anything. I'm not really sure which exercises are isolated pec exercises. I have been following a program that has a heap of different exercises. My goal was to get a flat tummy, but the program has lots of battle rope/ push-ups/ arm weights as well. I am wearing a bra though I am bending over because that shows up the bony look the most so the bra is a bit loose when i lean over. I have round motiva ergo implants under the muscle. I can push my breasts together with a push up bra. Prior to surgery I definitely never had a bony sternum. I'll most likely book in a consult with my surgeon, I'm just hoping for a little reassurance that I can get rid of it I had a small amount of breast tissue, deflated b/c cups after breastfeeding and never had a visible sternum before. And yes I have been doing chest exercises, I had thought I was able to do any exercise. Which ones should I be avoiding? push-ups, chin ups? I thought I was my ideal weight at surgery, but in trying to loose my mummy tummy I've lost 4kg. Thanks for your reply
  9. Since getting small implants earlier this year I noticed my sternum was a little bony. Now I have been eating well and exercising and lost 4kg and it seems really bony and I hate the look of it. I've been doing strength training which may have changed my chest muscles too, push-ups, weights etc. My arms look great, but my sternum really bothers me. I feel self conscious about it. I had been looking forward to summer and being able to wear lower cut tops but now I just want to hide my sternum. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything that can be done about it? Is it a tell tall sign I've had a BA? I'd really appreciate any insights. Thankyou xxx
  10. Thankyou everyone for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to try to put me at ease. I think I was having the 4 day blues! I am trying to be positive now and I really am happy with the shape and fullness of them (no deflated breastfeeding boobs now!). I still think I should have gone with the Demi (could have had 380 CC) and that would have been enough for me. I don't want overly big boobs, I'm pretty active and like an athletic frame. I understand what you are saying once I am used to having 310CC going up 50 or 60CC wouldn't be that noticeable. Though it would give me an extra 1cm projection that would have been enough for me if I had done it first time around. I guess I have nearly 12 months to decide so can try out my new boobs for summer and then decide if I still want to have a revision next winter. Hopefully they will fluff enough for me, though when I asked about fluffing my surgeon said he didn't know what that was. He just said they get smaller when the swelling goes down so I really hope I don't have much swelling to go down. I'm seeing him tomorrow for my first post surgery check-up. It will be good to see what he says.
  11. I only had my surgery 4 days ago and I'm feeling a bit down. I was indecisive about getting the Motiva Ergo Mini (moderate) or Demi (moderate plus). I didn't want anyone to notice I'd had implants so was worried the Demi would be too big but at the same time was worried the Mini would be too small. I left it to the surgeon to decide in surgery which way to go after showing him photos of my desired outcome. He went with the Mini 310cc (my full BWD of 12.5cm). Now I think they are too small. I am already kicking myself that I didn't ask for the Demi (moderate plus 360cc). They are similar to me breastfeeding boobs. I had thought they would be a bit bigger. The rice sizers definitely looked alot bigger. It is constantly on my mind. I have my one week follow-up appointment on Thursday. I've even had the thought of having another operation already to get the Demi ones. The surgeon wouldn't charge anymore but I would have to pay the hospital and anesthetist fees again. I can't believe I am even considering this. I wish I had been confident not to care that people might notice and just get the moderate plus. I doubt they would have noticed now that I have seen the moderate is no bigger than my push up bra. So do you think I will get over this feeling and just be happy that I do have full boobs (just not as much projection as I'd like). I know I could still wear a push up bra to make them look bigger when I want to.... but kind of defeats the purpose of having implants! I'm happy with how they look naked but with clothes they get hidden too easily. I feel so conflicted. I know I should wait and see but I want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible and not go through the recovery twice so if I was going to get a larger implant size I'd rather do it now. Has anyone else felt like this and did your feelings change over time?
  12. So I had my surgery two days ago. I let the surgeon decide on the size in theatre, though he knew I was worried about it being too noticeable (but also worried I'd get boob greed). So I have ended up with the smaller Mini Motiva Ergo 310cc implants. The shape looks great, my recovery has been a walk in the park so far (fingers crossed), but I think I might get boob greed. Though if they were bigger I'd be worried they would end up too big so either way I would worry! I hope I don't have much swelling that will make them smaller, and I hope they fluff a bit too! I'm impatient to see the end result. I've posted some pics on my profile
  13. Thanks! Though that has confused me a bit. I was hoping you would say abut 11 or so. I've been recommended about 380cc to get from a small deflated B cup to a full C cup and I only have a BWD of 12.5. If my BWD was 13.5 he would have recommended 475cc - but you got from A to D with 375cc. So confusing trying to work out sizes!
  14. Thanks! I did FR you, do you have any photos? I can't see any Thanks, it is helpful to see photos of people with similar stats - though of course I'm still confused on sizes myself haha. I think I will have to trust my surgeon knows what I want and will get me there! Thanks sabP. Do you know what your BWD is?
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