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  1. Dr Sanguan is great, good choice! I did my surgery (Bangkok) alone and partner joined me on day 4 post op. I really enjoyed the alone time to just do my thing, at my own pace, without feeling like I had someone sitting around bored or feeling obliged to get moving faster. You’ll be very well looked after
  2. By the way - loads of info in Facebook groups, especially Thailand Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Support Group
  3. I loved my journey! I am now 6.5 weeks post, had Dr Pornthep. I loved Bangkok, I also nipped away to Phuket for 3 nights then back to Bangkok (only because I had an extended stay, you can’t normally travel in the required period). Keep positive even throughout (you’re allowed post op blues etc, just pick yourself back up and remember you’re in a foreign country to enjoy). I’d do it all again in a flash, and I cannot WAIT for summer as my cleavage is now beautiful Haha... just saw my earlier post! Naw, back when I was only thinking about when it could happen and where, and now I’m well out the other side and had that amazing (crazy) experience ❤️ I did loads of exploring in Bangkok by the way, my recovery was ridiculously easy. I was at China Town hospital which was nice and the food is great. They’re incredibly stingy on medication though so take panadeine forte with you, or be prepared to bug them for pain relief (I didn’t really need any once off the morphine the morning after surgery anyway, but everyone is different)
  4. Hi I’m booked for surgery with him in 4 weeks! I have researched, and researched like a woman obsessed, for a long time, and comfortable with this choice.
  5. Hi hoges, this place is quiet these days isn’t it? Anyway - we communicated when Dr B changed hospitals. That was one factor niggling away at me which, along with the fact I just cannot find many pictures to back up the positive reviews of Dr B, has resulted in me changing to Dr P too. So glad I was able to at this late stage, as I’m off in 4 weeks. Only made the change today so hopefully I don’t end up on another rollercoaster over Dr P ? So im booked for surgery on the 18th. I’m going through cosmeditour, and everything is feeling slightly less scary now. I too already have large breasts at DD-E, and don’t want to end up even bigger! So I’m hopeful to have a reduction then re-stuffing. With Dr B only doing lift and augmentation it would’ve been a given that there’d be increased cup size. I’ve also seen women say that with stretched skin, Dr P has been cautious with implant size, which is also reassuring. Are you cosmeditours and staying at aetas too? Ultimately, my surgery + accommodation has actually come in at nearly a grand cheaper than I was looking with Dr B.
  6. Hi, I’m five weeks away so not as close as you... all the best! You are nearly there
  7. Hi, I’m with Dr Boonchai in July, subject to my having a complete panic because I get SUPER excited and delighted, and then I start furiously researching again and full of doubts ? Today I went to a lingerie shop and delighted in the options that will be available to me after a BA + BL i can’t seem to find many photos of Dr B’s work is all! Plenty of written endorsements but few photos
  8. Hello! I’ve decided on Dr Boonchai as surgeon for BA + BL, though I keep searching for before and afters and not actually finding many! I’m very close to taking a breath, taking a leap and booking, though allaying my concerns... one of many being ending up still hating my boobs only then they’re surgically horrible boobs ?. I’ve noticed lots of albums on here are only available if friends... so please, could anyone be my friend? Puh-leese Would be utterly grateful ??? (Even happy to... gulp... post my befores, if that’d help (if I must so am seen as legit!))
  9. Yes me! I freaked a little first, scared of a super crappy hospital experience... but the change is still not enough to put me off Dr B
  10. Oooh people actually commenting on stuff! I too am trying to decide where and which surgeon. Phuket - the worlds your oyster, all the surgeons at PIAC (?) seem very good. Bangkok I’m not so sure. I’m going by myself (highly likely this year, depends on work commitments), and think I’ll prefer Bangkok as it’s cheaper and I actually think I’d rather just take it quietly in a nice hotel than being somewhere I actually want to explore I’m interested in just how much can be saved by going direct to the surgeons themselves i contacted Dr Boonchai myself and got a response that due to some issue with the hospital he wasn’t taking cases currently (seems there’s been an issue over there as cosmeditour advised that particular hospital was no longer available too) Update - just checked emails and Dr Boonchai is taking cases again. Great, now to spend my whole evening researching his before and afters ?
  11. Nope sorry! Haven’t read any bad reviews though. Are you off to Phuket? I’m planning to go to Thailand this year but am in the stage of driving myself crazy trying to pick a surgeon for lift with augmentation
  12. Hi, newbie to forum but no newbie to wanting new boobies it looks like my 15 years of pining and waivering are going to turn to action this year! Currently have quotes from both Bangkok (Pornthep) and Phuket (Sanguan) and I would be DELIGHTED (as would others I’m sure) for any info from those who’ve been there done that, or others doing the journey. I’m undecided re destinations right now as undecided re surgeons, Dr Sanguan supposed to be great but I can’t find a lot of photos whereas plenty of Dr Pornthep’s pics avail and I like his work. I’m getting BL and BA. Currently driving self crazy trying to make decisions, and once I’ve done the deed I don’t think I wants to see another pair of surgically enhanced boobs in my life
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