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    I am interested in the study of cosmetic surgeries specially liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgery etc.

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  1. Hi, You need to first understand this from your Cosmetic surgeon by whom you have got the liposuction surgery done as they will be the right one to guide you but as general understanding you can resume back to normal activity in a week's time and light exercise can be done after 2-3 weeks.. Initially don't stress yourself with lots of exercise. Gradually increase your time of activity.
  2. Reviews help you to know the surgeons in a better way. People generally share your view and experience with the surgeon. This will give you the understand about how the working of the surgeon is and how effective is his results. So you should always go through their reviews just to get opinion from others.
  3. Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease.
  4. I am 27 years. I have a big tummy and will be getting married soon and I want to fit perfectly in my gown before marriage. I have been doing exercise but can't see any major change. I have heard about tummy tuck surgery will that work for me
  5. Tummy tuck surgery is a safe procedure there are no risk involved. Yes you would see the results now but later when you get pregnant you will again have a sagging skin. Tummy tuck will completely remove the excess skin and fat from the abdomen area.
  6. Yes the surgery will help you to loose fat. The aim of liposuction procedure is to remove the stubborn fat from the body which do not respond to diet and exercise. Also the laser liposuction cost in mumbai is much more affordable.
  7. You won't feel much pain as the surgery is done under anesthesia. There will be slight pain post the surgery that can be bearable and pain relief medicine will be given to avoid any discomfort
  8. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that helps you to remove the fat from the body, but there are chances of gaining weight post the surgery also. To avoid this you need to maintain proper diet and follow all the instructions given by the surgeon. You should avoid intake of fatty food stuffs
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