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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Victor Lee Cosmetic Evolution, 5/10/18, Breast Augmentation
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    176cm/ 64kg/ A bra
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  1. @JD* I just went home in a zip up hoody. Lit3rally just been wearing my bra and a fluffy cardigan in bed since yesterday. So much more comfortable.
  2. Feeling pretty sore today. Very bruised on sternum and under arm pits. How u feeling @ARKlove
  3. Thanks guys the ga has worn off and the pain settled in now. Getting a bit tender but nothing i cant handle. So worth it tho ???
  4. Hey guys surgery all done. Went really well. I got 350cc hp smooth under the muscle. I'm a bit sore. Sore under armpits and up top. My man gone to get me my antibiotics and pain relief. So happy with wat i have now. Will get to take bra off tomoro which is exciting. It's amazing to have gone from nothing to something. So happy to have something now.
  5. wow me and you next @JD* how exciting. its going to happen so fast Thats not good to hear @BAM hope the headache subsides and you start to feel more comfortable soon.
  6. Glad to hear it all went well @Mumma-K. Hopefully the pain will be nicely managed for you with the pain relief. Can't wait to hear all about your post op recovery.
  7. Wow that is a great list of the phases. Ill have to check on this when feeling emotional and sore hahah
  8. I know teardrops how awsum is that. R u getting urs done in adelaide also?
  9. Teardrops im going to sydney actually to get it done lol
  10. How exciting everyone My date is october 5th 2018. 134 days to go hahha
  11. Its still all very exciting cant wait for new boobs. And they both work for the same company so hopefully their work is as good as each other.
  12. has anybody had their boobs done with Dr Lee at cosmetic evolution? Haven't seen many reviews about him on here. Thanks in advance
  13. Thats great to hear. I may need to go with Dr Lee at the sydney clinic now as didn't realise Dr kenny only did the southport clinic and not bondi Have you guys heard anything about Dr Lee at the sydney clinic. I know 2 people who have gone through him and seem happy but haven't found many reviews about him
  14. I'll have to ring them tomorrow maybe and find out if i can book tentatively too. I have specific dates in mind to make this all fall in to place so hopefully they can accommodate that. I know they do a skype consult for interstate people i believe from what i have been told. So will have to find out more info i think. I have also been left with a flat chest from breast feeding two kids. It's not very flattering or good for the confidence. Whoever said they get bigger after kids is a liar hahha You'll have to let me know how your consult goes and any feedback for questions i can ask him.
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