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  1. Thanks hun.... I have actually seen 2 different PS... the first one suggested round... second suggested anatomical... just felt more comfortable with the second one... and had read some negative feedback on here on the first PS I saw who suggested rounds! looking forward to my pre op so I can feel more comfortable and confident in my decision. Torn between loving the look of big boobs and actually having to live with big boobs on a daily basis! But overall just so bloody excited to get it done! Just over 3 weeks to go! Can’t believe I’m finally doing it!
  2. Yay we are surgery buddies! I’m booked in for August 8th. Haven’t decided on a size yet and honestly so confused! Don’t want super huge boobs... but also want something decent... love all the dr M and dr T patients.. but I’m in Perth so they are not an option... can’t travel interstate with three little kids! what are your stats currently? I’m 175cm, 62kg and bwd of 13 I think!? Currently a deflated 12b/c..after breastfeeding.... . sitting quite low.. bit of a boney chest! So dr was suggesting 450/500 anatomicals... moderate profile.... all my boob wish pics are high or uhp? Gahhh I’m so confused! Pre op is on the 23rd July..... so I guess I need to ask questions and get some reassurance then decide on a size. 500 sounds huge... but doc was saying cos I’m tall and have a longer chest I’d need tall anatomical implants to fill the upper pole.... now I’m stressing that anatomical won’t give me the upper pole I want.... but I don’t think I can go round cos of my chest height... gosh it’s all so confusing!
  3. Random.... just measured... 30.5inches under bust.... i got measured in bras n things just after my last bub and they were like “yes... definitely a 12c” wtf just so confusing with sizing! Done so much research and just not sure! Going to show my PS my dream pics at the next appointment.... cos 500cc seems large to me but maybe I do need that much cos of my height!?!?
  4. Thanks for that diagram... that’s great! yeah I want to keep the upper pole fullness but not be too fake looking.... my doc said the profile will be determined by the size cos of my broad chest.... so I’m not sure I can go 400/450cc tall height with hp or uhp!?!? He said it would be moderate and that’s determined by the cc’s.... if I want high or uhp I’d have to go larger!?!? Omg so confusing! But also don’t want boobs that project so far off my chest..... Ive seen dr tav and dr m patients with 375/400cc uhp tall anatomical and those are my dream boobs.... but I’m pretty sure those girls are a lot less wide and shorter than me.... im a size 8 still but wearing a 12c bra.... which is probably more like a 12b..... I’m just broad in the chest and tall. same stats as shani grimmond... and pretty sure I’ve got marginally more that she started with.... she looks skinner than me tho cos I’ve had a few kids... and she got 375..... gosh I’m so confused! 🤯😩
  5. He thinks my anatomy and body/breast shape currently would be more suited to the anatomical shape seeing as I’m deflated after breastfeeding... and they are only textured. I’m tall with a long torso.... so need the tall height anatomicals to give me some upper pole.... because I’m broad I think if I went round I would need a really large implant to cover my broad chest as well as get the height.... if that makes any sense!?!? Im now worried anatomical won’t give me enough upper pole..... gosh it’s soooo hard to decide!!! Im keen to get textured implants as they are more “grippy” so less likely to sag or won’t sag as much with time and ageing as smooths would. My biggest fear would be to have all this surgery and then in a few years time gravity takes over and I’m left with big droopy fake boobs! I’m not too worried about ALCL... and I’m aware of this but thank you for making sure I knew the risks! my doc doesn’t have the 3D scans which I would have liked to see but from what I’ve researched the sizers are pretty spot on. I guess we’ve just got to trust the experts hey! I’m sure if ur surgeon recommends the 400’s they will suit u! Yay count down to surgery begins!!
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