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  1. Dual plane... $12k... worth every penny... honestly I’m so so happy with my results already.
  2. Hello, im 1 week post op with guy Watts. I have motiva ergonomix and I love them already! Didn’t get too much of a square boob post op.... they looked pretty good from the beginning. The worst day for me was post op day 1..... then every day was better and better. No pain whatsoever now.... just tightness. Couldn’t recommend guy enough! Just amazing! I’m so beyond happy with my results already!
  3. My left side is sore too.... so much more than my right!!! 5dpo today and feeling pretty good! Just taking Panadol and neurofen now for pain.... finishing antibiotics today. Tightness/heaviness is easing.... and just a bit sore on the left... more so in the morning and at the end of the night once the kids are in bed. Getting a little squishier too! getting better everyday! Haven’t given much thought to exercise just yet... went on a little walk yesterday... nothing too excessive tho. Back to PS next Tuesday to look at dressings and I think trim the stitches.
  4. Haha yes it is engorgement feeling on steroids!!!!! For sure!! how many days post op are u now? I’m Day 3 today and feeling better in the pecs today.... can do more little things like the coffee machine without pain... still can’t get the fridge open tho! Still got that tight/pressure feeling.... wonder when that will start easing!? And wow.... the bloating!!!!!! Helping with kids as much as I can... as in laying out their clothes so they can get dressed, or getting snacks for them.... just little things that help a bit... but making sure I don’t over do it. Yeah it’s funny how all PS have different post op instructions. I was told 6 weeks 24/7 in compression bra.. only take it off to wash. I find it quite comfortable tho.... holds them in securely! Can’t remember about the sleeping upright.. will ask at my post op appointment, but I’m finding sleeping quite comfortable too. i forgot to ask if I’m supposed to be doing stretching or massaging.... I’m assuming he would have told me if he wanted me to!?!? Are any of you girls? Just out of interest!
  5. That’s great that your pain is under control! My PS put local in during the op and I also had iv Fentanyl so wasn’t in much pain the day of op when I woke up....just nauseas..... it was more pain the next day. I felt they were probably as painful as each other.... now tho my left stitches are more “zingy” and itchy than the right. Both feeling pretty tight and the only pain I now feel is if I overdo it by trying to open fridge or pop my pills out....or helping too much with the kids.... . amazing how much the pecs are used in everyday things!
  6. Glad to hear it went well! I’m 2 dpo today and feeling much better. Pain is under control now with just Panadol and neurofen. I was in a fair bit of pain yesterday afternoon but held off on the endone until bed time. Having shallow baths everyday... not sure I’m keen to get them all wet in the shower just yet. Think my swelling is at an all time high... sternum really swollen and a bit bruised now. Hoping that will start to ease tomorrow. Still feeling tight and a bit of pressure.... incisions burning off and on today! Still shallow breathing and can’t laugh or yawn very well! Just a little insight into what’s in store for you seeing as I’m a couple of days ahead! Hope your recovery goes well!
  7. Yeah PS said I can start neurofen tomorrow... anaesthetist said to start it today.... going with what PS said and will start tomorrow... may have over done it today tho.... just trying to help too much with the kids... had some endone at 2pm which worked a treat.... no nausea from it which was great.... but now in a bit of pain.... trying to hold off on the endone til bed time! Ouch! Swelling up like crazy today.... sternum quite swollen too... I assume that’s normal!? Think if I swell anymore I’ll have to take this bra off.... getting tight around incisions! When did your pain and tightness ease off?
  8. Just had a bath this morning which felt great! Felt weird when I took the compression bra off tho.... love the support that it’s giving.think I’ll stick to baths for now.. scared to get them wet! in a little bit of discomfort but trying to stick to panandol and nurofen during the day... will save my endone for night time as it seemed to work well last night. Slept from 10pm til 7... so was pretty happy with that! No nausea today which is amazing.... surprised I felt nauseas as I usually don’t! Just need to trust the surgeons hey.... they are the experts... not everyone is the same. I sent myself crazy pre op looking at hundreds of girls with 450cc and some looked massive.... some girls with 295 looked huge..... but we are all different... I think 450 is perfect for my body size and shape... can’t wait for them to D&F! 😍 theres pros and cons to overs vs unders.... same as there are pros and cons round vs anatomical... I’m sure he did what’s best for you! Rest up... hope ur feeling better soon!
  9. Thanks hun.... wish it was today but it’s tomorrow!! Ahhh not long to go now!
  10. I’ve been told 6 weeks.... 24/7.... I haven’t had my surgery yet... it’s tomorrow!!! Hows ur recovery going??
  11. 4 sleeps to go and slightly freaking out! Not too scared about the op itself..... worried about recovery and rethinking size.... am I going to like them? Will they be too big? Is HP going to project too much.... should I have gone mod profile!? Ahhhhh wish it was Thursday already so I could stop scanning forums, looking at pics and stats of other girls and just relax!
  12. I’m going with watts, my op is in a couple of weeks tho. i had a consult with cunneen as well, and although I felt comfortable I also had a consult with watts and felt much more at ease with him. I knew from the first consult he was a better fit... im going 450/500 motiva ergonomix.... I’m a little bit hesitant about the size cos I don’t want to be toooo big... but I’m trusting him to make the right decision in the OR.. good of luck with your decision.... I’ve heard great things about all the ps.... I would probably book a consult with 2 out of the 3 and see how u feel!!
  13. Pre op day today..... locking in a size/shape/profile today! Yippeeee... ohh and pay them off too! 😕 💸 hahaha
  14. I’m booked in for my BA on 8th August and currently looking at booking a trip to Bali with the kids in October school holidays. is 8 weeks adequate time post op? We won’t be doing much except lounging around the pool and enjoying the sunshine.... kids are 2,4 and 6 yrs old. So the younger ones need a bit of help in the pools etc... is is it too soon post op to do a lazy Bali holiday???
  15. Yay we are surgery buddies! I’m booked in for August 8th. Haven’t decided on a size yet and honestly so confused! Don’t want super huge boobs... but also want something decent... love all the dr M and dr T patients.. but I’m in Perth so they are not an option... can’t travel interstate with three little kids! what are your stats currently? I’m 175cm, 62kg and bwd of 13 I think!? Currently a deflated 12b/c..after breastfeeding.... . sitting quite low.. bit of a boney chest! So dr was suggesting 450/500 anatomicals... moderate profile.... all my boob wish pics are high or uhp? Gahhh I’m so confused! Pre op is on the 23rd July..... so I guess I need to ask questions and get some reassurance then decide on a size. 500 sounds huge... but doc was saying cos I’m tall and have a longer chest I’d need tall anatomical implants to fill the upper pole.... now I’m stressing that anatomical won’t give me the upper pole I want.... but I don’t think I can go round cos of my chest height... gosh it’s all so confusing!
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