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  1. Guy watts uses motiva implants. I had motiva ergonomix done mid last year with him
  2. Could you elaborate on the complications of smooth implants?? Is it higher risk of CC?? And bottoming out cos they are less “grippy”????
  3. I still wear my compression bra to bed..... it’s just so comfy and I like them a little bit supported!
  4. Sorry no suggestions for no underwire bras! I’ve just been measured at bra n things and wearing a 12E. 10F fit too but felt the band maybe a little tight and didn’t want to risk back fat in tight tops! Im actually a size 8 in most clothes but just broad around the ribs!! only bought 2 underwire t shirt bras (one black one beige) to start with.... but still wearing the post op bra around at home and to bed. My PS actually wants me to continue to wear the strap for another 6 weeks and I’m assuming that’s with the post op bra ( not underwire!?!) might msg him in the morning to double check cos he cleared me to wear bras and then in the last min of the consult said it’s probably a good idea to keep wearing the strap! I hate that bloody strap! I find the post op bras very comfortable but that strap isn’t!!
  5. Having smooth implants I’m sure they will soften up quite a bit and feel almost like the real thing! Motivas are also known to be very soft! I guess only time will tell! thanks..... yeah my stubborn one hasn’t moved at all... The swelling has gone down a bit... but it’s still very bulky up top.... whereas my other one looks like it’s completely dropped.... and I actually hope that one doesn’t drop anymore! Can’t stop analysing them! I’ve stopped wearing the strap.... been wearing it 24/7 for 3 weeks now.... was told to wear it until my next appointment which is 2 more weeks away.... but it’s so uncomfortable and I’m getting paranoid that it will push my other one down too far! Just getting impatient now and wondering if it will ever bloody drop!
  6. Oh my gosh! I’m so so sorry to hear this! Fingers crossed for a smooth surgery and recovery. When are u going in for surgery?
  7. Wow... what a roller coaster for you! Best to get this all sorted out ASAP tho.... the quicker it’s done the better! Get it over with and then no more stress or worrying about it. keep us posted..... hope it all goes well!
  8. Thanks.... PS said up to 3 months.... but I haven’t seen them move at all after 2 weeks of wearing that strap! From what I’ve read others have worn the strap for only 2 weeks and seen results.... I think I’m just a bit fed up with it and sick of sleeping on my back! I love love love my other one.... if my stubborn one can drop I’m going to be over the freakin moon! I love boobs that are close together tho! I bet they look amazing!! Mine are quite close even tho one won’t bloody D&F!
  9. Yeah yours look like they are dropping! U must be so relieved!!!! Mine unfortunately are still not.... my right one has not moved at all despite wearing this bloody strap! I’ve been wearing the strap for 2 weeks tomorrow..... and I’m 4 weeks post op now! Starting to loose hope and think I may be headed back to the OR! Next appointment with PS isn’t until the end of this month as he is away.... I’ll keep wearing the strap and pray.... but I don’t see it coming down! im physically feeling really great! If it wasn’t for the strap id be in no discomfort! I have had a few hours here and there without it on due to commitments and it’s impossible to hide under clothing.... and when I’m not wearing it I feel great! The strap just adds that pressure and heaviness back.... but without it I’m fine! Mentally tho.. not so great..... starting to get really frustrated and annoyed..... and hurt my neck sleeping last night so I’m just getting over it at this point! glad to hear yours are dropping tho and ur feeling well!!
  10. Awww damn! At least I’m not alone! I’m sure time is what will make this all better but I can’t help but scrutinise them every damn day! My PS told me I’m just going to have to be patient... he also said up to 3 months... . He did tell me that he may have contributed to it because he thinks my ribs are slightly asymmetrical but my video immediately post op was pretty much perfect! My left one (which is the one which has dropped already) was a bit saggier and had more loose skin pre op due to breastfeeding..... but my boobs weren’t obviously asymmetrical.... my right one now needs to drop and fluff like crazy and it’s almost like my left is already D&F completely.... but not sure that can happen in 2 weeks! But it looks pretty perfect right now to me! Not sure I really want my left to D&F anymore than it already has! ill post a pic of them in the morning! i hope your recovering well! I’m sure we all just need to be patient!
  11. Thanks hun! That’s comforting to know that u have seen results with time! I’m just a bit impatient right now! I just get worried that the strap is going to push my good side down more! I’m not seeing my doc for another 5 weeks.... already sick of this strap and it’s been 3 days! he showed me a video of myself immediately post op sitting up on the operating table and they looked so nice and even! But then said he may have contributed to this as my ribs are slightly asymmetrical so it may be internally sutured a little higher on the right!?!? I’m just hoping the fact that they looked so perfect immediately post op means they will drop into place the same.... I’m pretty lopsided right now!
  12. Have yours evened out at all yet Kit?? im dealing with the same issue and it’s hard not to worry! I’m 2 weeks post op and now wearing a compress band along with the bra!
  13. Thanks for ur input... gives me hope!! PS showed me a video of me on the operating table and they looked absolutely perfect.... symmetrical and perfect.... hoping because they looked perfect on table immediately post op they will drop into place! Just hard to be so patient!!!
  14. My parents know... but I only told them the week of surgery. 2 of my friends know and that’s it! I didn’t tell people coz I didn’t want other people’s opinions like “ohh my friend got this size/shape” whatever. One of my friends I did tell was saying things like that too me... I’m sure she was trying to be helpful but it really made me paranoid I was going too big.... thats the main reason I didn’t tell people!
  15. you could just play a qtr just so ur involved a bit! Just see if the boobs are tender at all.... would a knock hurt!?! How long are u post op now!? I’ve read a lot of posts about the movement feeling.... some say it’s like squelching!?!? It’s fluid build up and it should get better with time. I haven’t had any but I’ve read many many posts! haha the vid was cool! He sat me up in theatre, all draped still... they looked amazing! I think they still look great now.... just the right is so high! From the side view my left looks nice and round and the right is high and angular... almost squareish! It’s funny tho.... looking in the mirror I can see a slight difference.... but looking at the photos they took today in his office the difference is much more noticeable! Not sure how I’m supposed to wear this bloody strap thing for that long.... it’s so uncomfortable!!! I was just starting to feel really great.... the pressure and tightness had eased off and then wham! Let’s put on a strap!
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