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  1. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    @Crystal_ that sounds exactly like me, my PS lowered one of mine too. That side still gives me a little pain now at 3weeks but my other side is no pain at all, hoping it settles soon ??
  2. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    Thanks so good surgery went well @MellieMoo! They feel so high up at first haha I can’t wait to see the progress and D&F @Crystal_ I agree sleeping up right was probably the hardest part but I’m almost three weeks and already able to sleep on my side which is so much better!
  3. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    @Crystal_ I was able to walk around pretty easy the first day, just had to remind myself to take it easy. But I did have trouble taking deep breaths for the first day or so but it gets easier. Hope your pain settles and you feel better soon!
  4. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    Congratulations @Crystal_ I’ve just had my one week post op check up and everything is going well! I got fitted with my bra and the scars are already looking great!
  5. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    Well surgery is all done! It went well no issues, minimal pain post op just more a feeling of tightness. Struggled to sleep the first night on my back but hope that will get easier with time. I’ve been moving around day two pretty well, taken a few small gentle walks. Size feels so big but I think it’s because I’m used to so little haha and they’re probably a bit swollen at the moment. Can’t wait for the drop and fluff process!
  6. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    Hi @MellieMoo Mine is actually tomorrow! I’m nervous but also super excited now haha
  7. DDaa

    Surgery booked!

    Yay! October surgery here we come! I’m based in Melbourne 64kg 5’7 currently 12A aiming for a D cup PS recommended subfascial placement. I’m counting down already haha good luck booking in for your surgery, it’s nice to have someone around the same date to follow!
  8. Getting in early because I’m so excited it’s finally happening! I’ve been reading so many BA journeys for years and I can finally say I’ve booked my surgery for Oct. I’m going with textured round 340cc mentor implants. Originally I was going to go with anatomical but my PS thinks I’ll still get a really natural look with round and then no risk of rotation. Any other October surgery buddies here??
  9. I’m booked for surgery in October, I’m currently a B and hoping to get to a D! I’m going on top of the muscle 340 round, I originally wanted anatomical but my PS thinks I’ve got enough tissue that they will still look really natural and no chance of rotation with round. I’m trying not to compare to other pics but it’s so hard! I just wish I knew what it was going to look like
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