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  1. How are you feeling now? I’ll be 3 weeks post-op on Tues. mostly healing ok - still have yellow bruising & the pleating (hate it). There’s is a small hole along the T-incision in one breast...PS has said it should be ok, but still making me anxious. Which doesn’t help a healing body! Constantly reminding myself that it will really be months of healing ahead & it’s still early days.
  2. I’m 9 days post-vertical lift and feeling a bit the same, but reminding myself that healing is a process. I was ready for the bruising & the incisions to look quite ugly at this point, but wasn’t ready for the bunching or pleating of skin along the vertical incision ... surgeon tells me this will disappear as I heal, but part of me is still a little anxious about it. I’m sure you will heal well! x
  3. Hi everyone, I’m 2 days post-lift (just BL, no BA) & feel like I’m recovering well but just want some reassurance that stinging or mild burning on incision lines is normal? My PS told me to expect it & I can’t see any fresh/new bleeding & have no signs of infection. But I’m prone to anxiety & picturing my sutures all torn & healing badly (they are bandaged over for another week). How would you describe your BL recovery discomfort?
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